The Ugly Truth About Digital Forensics

When it comes to the field of digital forensics, there are so many job titles that are included in this area, such as computer forensics investigator, forensic analyst, and media exploiter. However, even though there are many different parts of digital forensics, they are all the same thing and are made up of the same area. The job is always going to be the same no matter what your title might be, and for those examiners who are within this field of work, their job is to dive right into the computers that have either become a victim of a crime, or a witness to a crime. Going through the digital forensics process can become a very tiresome thing since it can take weeks before being able to perform a proper analysis. Even though digital forensics is a required process now, for the individual who is performing all of these duties can be a very dark thing for them.

forensic-analystFingerprintLWhen you work in digital forensics, it isn’t just a job for you, it becomes your entire life. This makes it difficult to be able to lead a life outside of this field of work, and it can become a very dark thing for you. You will find yourself always mentally screening every little thing around you, and to make matters worse, you are daily exposed to the worst types of crimes that you can imagine. These types of crimes that you have to witness and view on a daily basis, can make it very difficult for you to find a lot of comfort in the world around you. Every day you have to work with these types of issues:

– Fraud

– Torture

– Be-headings

These are just a few of the issues that you will have to deal with while working in digital forensics, and it is hard for anyone to deal with these issues just while they are working. These problems can weigh on your mind while you are outside of work as well, and it will become a very life-changing experience for anyone who decides that this is an area of work for them. Those who work in digital forensics must be highly professional to be able to handle these jobs, and even still it is a difficult task to perform.

In conclusion, there is a very dark side to the world of digital forensics, and it is one that has changed many individuals who have worked, or are still working, in this field. To sit in front of a computer screen all day, every day, watching video after video of beheadings and torture, and so many other horrible things can lead an individual down a very dark path within themselves. It is important to understand the digital forensics isn’t what many individuals imagine it to be. It is a field of work that must be handled by the most professional individuals, and even they will tell you that the darker side of this area of work, is not something for the faint at heart.