Kim Wilson, Jerry Portnoy & Rick Estrin Present

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Who are these guys?
  • "The smoothest, sweetest player I ever heard."
  • "Widely recognized as the greatest blues harpist of his generation."
  • "The best harmonica player to come along since Little Walter."
  • "Sings and writes songs like the brightest wise guy in all bluesland and blows harmonica as if he learned at the knee of Little Walter."
    Imagine hanging out and listening in when they sat down for lunch. Or shared the tips, tricks and techniques that made their craft unique. Or played into the wee hours.

    Well, we can only hear about those sessions now. From the few guys who were there, and listened and learned.

    We're lucky to have three harp players who learned from the originators, are still at the top of their game and get together regularly to share the old, the new and the hilarious.

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