The Top 5 Most Asked Questions About Mac Apple

Apple Mac is offering a friendlier Operating System X as compared that in the Windows. Apple`s Mac computers do things a little different as compared to its counterparts the Windows. There is various reason to switch to the Mac. These include compatibility with either the iPhone or the iPad, beautiful hardware and it also possesses a powerful Operating System X which is in the process of migrating from the Yosemite to El Captain.

Here are the top 5 most asked questions concerning Apple`s Mac computer.

How to right click on a Mac -. There are various ways to achieve this on the Mac computer. Though a little clumsy as compared to the other techniques present, one can hold down the CTRL key while clicking. Another way in which one can use is to go to System Preferences on the trackpad and enable the secondary Click hence one can be able to double click and the right-click menu would appear. Otherwise, the user who possesses a magic mouse can be able to go to the System Preferences on the mouse and therefore enable the Secondary Click which will change the right side of the mouse to be able to right click.

How to open PC files on a Mac – Media standards such s the JPG, MP3, MOV can be automatically opened due to the presence of compatible files. This done by double-clicking. If the particular file has been received through the email the Quick Look option can enable the user to view it first.

How to shut down, sleep and log out of Mac -The process of shutting down the PC on the Windows has always been straightforward by the use of the Start menu. However, for the Mac computers its very easy. Firstly, one should click on the Apple icon on the top left corner and thereafter, the options would be presented henceforth and depending on the user one can either choose to restart, put it to sleep mode or to power it down completely.

How to uninstall a program on Mac – If one is used to using the add or remove a feature on a PC it would seem a little queer o the Mac computer altogether. Though it is a simple case. It involves identifying the application in question and moving it to the trash. Though an application is in shortcut form, dragging it to the trash dock will not change anything concerning the actual application.

How to Ctrl-Alt-Delete on a Mac -The Operating System X found in the Mac is stable, however, at times the user may require to manually shut it down. Mac does not have the delete key hence the whole combination cannot work therefore the user can use the Cmd-Alt-Esc to bring up the Force Quit Window.