There are many factors that impact the housing market, which can make buying a home difficult for anyone. Consider the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the housing market over the past two years, for example. Almost every market in the country has experienced a housing shortage, and home sales and prices are skyrocketing.

Competition among homebuyers is fierce, and in many markets, homebuyers have to bid well above the asking price for their offers to be considered by sellers. But while the pandemic has had a huge impact on housing in the United States, the good news is that it is an anomaly, one that is unlikely to happen again in the near future.

Although the housing market can be somewhat unpredictable, real estate should not be considered a gamble for any homebuyer. If you are looking for ways to determine if the housing market is healthy, Fund this turnaround has compiled a list of 10 signs of positive growth from several real estate websites that you can use to measure the market. Whether it’s a low distressed property rate, falling mortgage rates and rising home prices, these signs can help you navigate the murky waters to determine if the housing market is on the upswing. healthy. Here’s what you need to know.