Fancy a snack perched on a glass? Bloody Mary has been satisfying the hungry and thirsty since the early 1900s. Want to find the best Mary for you? Discover our roundup of the best local spots. You’re welcome.

Attic on Adams
1701 Adams Street | 419-243-5350 |
The Attic on Adams creates an impeccable Bloody Mary with a secret homemade blend, hot pepper infused vodka and optional cucumber juice for a touch of gazpacho. The Sunday Bloody Mary is extra special, served with bacon and extra toppings that aren’t offered throughout the week.
Sunday | $ 4 (2 p.m.-8 p.m.)
Daily | $ 6

145 bar & Reset
5305 rue Monroe | 419-593-0073 |
Sundays | 11.30am-4pm
Looking for a little more fun with your Bloody Mary? The 145 Bloody Mary bar features EFFEN® 50 Cent vodka, both regular and cucumber variety.
Sunday | $ 8
Daily | $ 5.50

Louie Bar
5001 rue Monroe | 567-318-1050 |
Bar Louie starts off its Mary with a Zing-Zang-based blend, Absolut Peppar vodka, and then elevates it a few degrees with its special “Bar Louie Hot Sauce” among other spices. They then garnish this Ultimate Mary with lemon, lime, blue cheese olives, provolone, pickle, bacon, celery and a rim of salted celery!
Daily | $ 5.75
Ultimate | $ 9

Stube beer
5333 rue Monroe | 419-841-7999 |
The Stube has crafted a deliciously simple Mary with a homemade blend topped with pickles and olives. During the football season, they also organize a special Mary with a garnish of sausages, olives and various cheeses.
Daily | $ 6

Cocoa House
7400 Lewis Ave, Temperance, MI | 734-224-7051 |
Sundays | 12 pm-5pm
Don’t let a bartender decide what you do or don’t want to adorn your tomato vodka drink. If you want shrimp, prosciutto, salami, bacon, pickled vegetables, cheese, etc. in your frozen Mary, Cocoa House lets you build your own monstrosities.
Regular | Vodka + $ 2.50

Doctor Watson
1515 S. Byrne Road | 419-389-6003 |
Bloody Mary Bar | Saturday, 7 am-3pm and Sunday, 11 am-3pm
Set your Mary apart with American staples, including homemade infused vodkas: hot pepper, bacon, or a variety of garlic chili.
Sat / Sun | $ 5.50
Daily | $ 5

The cafe on rue Dorr
5243 Dorr Street | 419-531-4446 |
What’s in the classic Bloody? Three drops of A.1., Three drops of Worcestershire, three drops of Frank’s Red Hot, three olives, celery and vodka. This perfect trifecta of a drink achieves top notch flavor with their signature house blend and is then taken to the next level with added celery salt and pepper.
Sundays | $ 3
Daily | $ 3.75

Everyday people’s cafe
309 S. Main St., Suite D, Bowling Green | 419-353-0136 |
If you want variety, pay a visit to the friendly folks at Everyday People. Sure, you can stop by any day of the week for their traditional Bloody Mary, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you want to stop by for Mega Mary Sunday. Each week, the artists of Everyday People will whip up a whole new take on the classic drink, with imaginative toppings galore.
Traditional Bloody Mary | $ 6-7, depending on the vodka
Mega Mary Sunday | $ 8-10, depending on ingredients

Fireplace grate
7723 Airport Hwy, Netherlands | 419-724-4441 |
Firepit Grille does not discriminate against the “different” Mary lovers offering four delicious pint-sized Bloody Marys. Each Mary is lined with celery salt and each blend has been chosen to achieve a balanced taste profile.
Sunday | $ 5
Daily | $ 7

Fleetwood’s tap room
28, rue St Clair North | 419-724-2337 |
Their selection of over 48 beers on tap is impressive, but they also have a Bloody Mary that will give any baseball fan the mojo they need for the big game. All the fan has to do is name a level of vodka and spice and let Fleetwood do the rest.
Daily | $ 8

Great Black Swamp Brewing Company
26611 N Dixie Hwy, Perrysburg | 419-873-6101 |
GBSB turned Bloody Mary into an art, starting its masterpiece with a Zing Zang blender, a choice of eight vodkas, a range of intense flavors achieved with spices and sauces, olive juice and pickle, and their homemade “special sauce”.
Daily | $ 6

Homemade Pizza
28 S St Clair St | 419-724-7437 |
Homeslice reinvents Mary through its blend and homemade garnishes. Topped with olive, lemon, lime and pepperoncini, this Mary will satisfy all walks of life with a serving of unexpected spices and flavors that mingle on the palate.
Daily | $ 5

ICE restaurant and bar
405 Madison Avenue | 419-246-3339 |
From top to bottom, an exceptional choice. This Toledo favorite starts with their house blend of Tony Packos pickle juice and goes from there with olive, lemon and lime. Each Mary is made with Smirnoff or Gray Goose.

Inside the five
5703 Main Street, Sylvanie | 567-408-7212 |
You can either sample Inside the Five’s standard Bloody Mary or dare to tackle their Ultimate version topped with meats, cheeses, candied bacon and more.
Daily | $ 6
Ultimate Bloody Mary | $ 14

Manhattan Pub ‘n Cheer
1516 Adams Street | 419-243-6675 |
Sunday Bloody Sunday! Manhattan has something for everyone with a Bloody Mary Bar and a full breakfast buffet every Sunday.
Sunday | $ 5.50 +
Daily | $ 5.50 +

Oliver House Café & Mutz
27 Broadway Street | 419-243-1302 |
This satisfying and refreshing Bloody Mary is one of the most intriguing on the list. Each Mary is stocked with everything fresh from the kitchen. No two Marys are alike because the waiters love to have fun with them.
Daily | $ 5

Rosie’s Italian Grill
606 North, McCord Road. | 419-866-5007 |
Every Sunday, Rosie’s brunch menu sees its own take on Mary, but if you want premium vodka you will be charged an additional fee.
Sundays | $ 6.50

TGIFridays Toledo
1334 Bernath Pkwy | 419-866-1798 |
Offered daily.
Thank God it’s Friday. Friday’s creates a Bloody Mary using its special “Friday’s” blend and Gray Goose vodka, then garnish with lime, celery and an olive.
| $ 5

Wesley’s Bar & Grill
1201 Adams Street | 419-255-3333 |
Sticking to the basics, Wesley’s takes Zing-Zang to the next level by adding Worcestershire, salt, pepper, Sriracha powder, vegan mustard, and a hint of pickle juice. For an extra kick, Wesley’s has a special Cajun rim on request.
Daily | $ 5

Ye Olde Durty Bird
2 S rue St Clair | 419-243-2473 |
Are you feeling hard? Stop by Ye Olde Durty Bird for a flavored Bloody Mary with their signature house blend, “The Filthy Durty”.
Sunday | $ 9.50 +
Daily | $ 6.50 +

Do you know of any great Bloody Marys that we missed? Let us know at [email protected]!

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