To be a successful real estate professional is to maintain and develop your clientele. Whether you’re at an open house, meeting, or even dinner, you know you need to grow your brand.

But how can you relate to everyone you meet along the way?

Email marketing is the answer.

A study conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® on real estate in the digital age, showed that 92% of REALTORS® prefer to communicate with their customers by email, of which 93% use it daily. In fact, 63% of email marketing campaigns receive positive engagement.

These are statistics we simply cannot ignore! Amarki will explore the varieties of email marketing tips you can use to convert leads, nurture leads, and gain business from former customers.

1. Send an actionable welcome email.
The most important email is probably your welcome email. Your welcome email introduces leads to you and your services. Your leads can come from open houses, your website, or better yet, directly from a referral.

Regardless of how you logged in, Amarki recommends sending your welcome email after your first contact.

Your welcome email gives you a head start over your competition. And, with nearly two million active real estate agents across the United States, there’s no time to waste positioning your brand for success.

2. Feed your buyers.
It’s important to make sure you keep potential buyers up to date with new listings in the neighborhoods of their choice through emailing.

While they may have signed up to receive email alerts, you should also do a personal follow-up to see if anything has caught their attention.

As you know, buying a home is a big decision and often takes some time before they are ready to take the next step in their buying journey.

3. Captivate interested sellers with emails.
Buyers are one side of real estate, but we can’t forget about sellers. Amarki notes that 70% of home sellers only interview one agent before signing a contract. This means you have to do your best and showcase your knowledge and expertise.

Sellers want to know what their house is worth and if you are the right person to sell it. It is important that you can address both concerns to get them to act.

Offering a benchmarking analysis of their home and neighborhood market will help you stand out from the crowd and build a meaningful relationship with the seller.

4. Take care of your old customers.
Referrals are another important way to grow your business. Recommendations can come from customers, colleagues, friends, family and suppliers.

Plan carefully when marketing to former customers. Instead of sending out current market updates, Amarki recommends including newsletters focused on DIY projects, local events, or home and landscaping trends. Sending personalized emails for the holidays or the anniversary of their move will let them know that you value their relationship beyond just shutting down.

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