Amazon has shared more details on how it will integrate Comixology into its other services. The internet giant has released an updated FAQ explaining the key elements of the transition, including some timelines. Most notably, Comixology will no longer fulfill pre-orders of comics released on February 17 or later — you’ll need to cancel and re-order them through Amazon. In this sense, the transition is clearly underway.

The introduction also makes it clear that series subscriptions will only be available through Amazon and that a “small number” of series will not carry over. You’ll be told if a favorite can’t make the transition. Amazon also provides the usual guidance, such as preparing for the new Comixology app (in short: merging your accounts) and shopping in Amazon’s comic-focused section. As Amazon has already said, the existing Comixology app and online store will be phased out after the new portal arrives.

The FAQ timeline matches Amazon’s (delayed) onboarding goal for early 2022. The Comixology you’ve known is going very soon, whether you like it or not. This is mainly about whether or not the name will survive for much longer.

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