EVANSTON, Ill., January 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CounselEAR, a leading provider of practice management software and services for the hearing health industry, announced that it has partnered with Amptify, an innovative hearing health platform , to remove workflow barriers that prevent clinics from rendering best-practice hearing rehabilitation service.

In a time of perpetual change in hearing health, the Amptify CounselEAR partnership provides clinicians with the tools and technology they need to compete, differentiate and thrive.

Available immediately, clinics using CounselEAR can trigger patient invitations to Amptify DTx and contract patient hearing rehabilitation to Amptify’s world-class specialists. Amptify DTx provides patients with in-depth follow-up including auditory training, informational and personal coping advice, peer interactions, and ongoing professional support. The companies are also integrating remote patient monitoring capabilities that allow Amptify’s real-time auditory rehabilitation performance, speech-in-noise, word identification, and quality-of-life data to be incorporated into CounselEAR patient profiles.

“By using this integration and the Amptify Provider Portal, clinics can improve patient satisfaction, increase uptime for new hearing aids, save money on patient-initiated visits, and efficiently achieve patient referrals. ‘ASHA, ADA and AAA on Best Practices in Hearing Rehabilitation,” said Brian Urban, AuD, President of CounselEAR.

Amptify was founded in 2015 by a world-renowned auditory rehabilitation research team as an academic spin-off of the Audiovisual Speech Perception Laboratory led by Prof. Nancy Tye Murray to University of Washington at the St. Louis School of Medicine. Funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), research from this university lab has begun to develop products for people with hearing loss that improve communication as well as their sense of social, psychological and physical well-being. Amptify represents the culmination of decades of NIH-sponsored research.

“Without hyperbole, it’s fair to say that the hearing health industry is undergoing a colossal transformation and is doing so at a faster rate than at any time in its history. With support from the NIH, Amptify has developed a solution innovative hearing health platform to provide audiologists with a safe haven for climate-changing markets,” said Amptify President and COO, Chris Cardinal. He said, “The Amptify DTx completes the patient experience in a cost-effective and operationally efficient way for clinics, while the Amptify Provider Portal’s first real-time remote patient monitoring tools allow clinicians to ‘build stronger and more proactive relationships with their patients’.

Since its inception, CounselEAR has been committed to providing tools that make patient counseling effective, efficient and routine. Recognizing the importance of ongoing counseling and hearing rehabilitation to optimize patient outcomes, CounselEAR is thrilled to partner with Amptify to offer clinics an exceptional tool to help patients live their best lives.

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