Nedap has upgraded its AEOS access control technology suite with facial recognition from AnyVision to provide contactless security for safe and secure workplaces.

The new strategic partners have integrated AnyVision’s contactless biometric access control functionality into AEOS to secure physical locations from businesses to government offices, and from public buildings like hospitals and airports to industrial sites.

AEOS provides a web application tailored to the specific security needs of client organizations, giving them granular control over access conditions.

AnyVision’s biometric integration provides Nedap customers with superior security against passwords, badges or cards, and its activity detection protects against spoofing attacks. Nedap customers also benefit from granular authorization capabilities without the need to deploy additional hardware, with instant alerts and logs for unauthorized access incidents.

“Relying on cards, passwords, keys or similar devices can be problematic because they can be easily copied, hacked or stolen and it can take a long time before someone notices something is wrong. not, ”explains Ido Amidi, vice president of business development. at AnyVision. “Giving customers a face-based biometric option can dramatically improve the security of a facility while simultaneously streamlining the visitor management experience. “

Extending its reach in the market was seen as a key goal for AnyVision when it announced its massive $ 235 million funding round in July.

“AnyVision is a true biometrics and facial recognition specialist that aligns well with Nedap’s best integration strategy,” comments Wesley Keegstra, Nedap technical integration specialist. “Together, we are strengthening access control security with advanced biometrics that improves operational efficiency, user experience and data privacy. We look forward to bringing this innovation and business benefits to our AEOS users.

Nedap also incorporated facial biometrics from Suprema earlier this year.

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