The latest episode of the AZ Big Podcast with Michael and Amy has officially been released. The guest of this episode is Arizona real estate attorney Casey Blais of Burch & Cracchiolo.

The AZ Big Podcast is sponsored by Burch & Cracchiolo, which has proven for over 50 years that a successful case or legal affair begins when you hire the right lawyer. Let them prove it to you. Learn more at bcattorneys.com.

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About Casey Blais de Burch & Cracchiolo

Casey Blais is a lawyer practicing in the areas of commercial litigation, real estate law and landlord-tenant disputes. He regularly represents individuals, lenders, developers and other private and public entities to bring and resolve various legal issues. Representative cases include land titles and litigation, foreclosure actions, commercial and contract disputes, owner-tenant actions, real estate disputes for non-disclosure, and judgment recovery cases. For more information visit Burch & Cracchiolo.

About the AZ BIG podcast with Michael and Amy

Hosted by AZ Big Media Editor-in-Chief Michael Gossie and Editor Amy Lindsey, we take you behind the scenes of some of Grand Canyon State’s most compelling storylines. The AZ Big Podcast will feature guests from various industries including law, real estate, hospitality, athletics and more. Each episode will be approximately 15 minutes long to provide quick and concise information on each topic. In other words, it’s easy listening that’s perfect for your daily morning or afternoon commutes. The episodes will be released weekly on Wednesdays and are available wherever you listen to your podcasts.