Speaking a year after the trade deal he helped negotiate, Mr Barnier, whose candidacy for the French presidency failed earlier this year, said Brexit remained a ‘lose-lose’ situation. for both the UK and the European Union. However, former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib said rather than complaining about the outcome, the Frenchman should ask himself why the UK felt the need to leave in the first place – as well as the attitude of the Eurocrats. since, which, according to him, fueled tensions. always further.

He told Express.co.uk: “I half agree with Barnier. Brexit is indeed a losing situation for the EU. He lost his biggest client captive. He lost £ 12 billion a year net.

“He lost the most powerful military force in Europe. In its inexorable march towards an undemocratic superstate, it has lost the mother of modern democracy.

However, he added: “Yet it should not have been this way. If the EU hadn’t set out to punish the UK for its democratic right to leave, we might now have a reasonable trading relationship. Instead, he sought to annex Northern Ireland and submit us through that channel. “

Turning his attention to the agreements in which Mr Barnier has participated, Mr Habib said: “The withdrawal and trade and cooperation agreements are awful.

‘Signed by a politically weak UK government with no idea how to exploit Brexit.

“But in time, we will let go of these miserable obstacles. Brexit is a process and we are on the right track.

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The Christmas Eve 2020 deal put in place arrangements for continued trade with the UK outside the single market and customs union.

Mr Barnier said: “A year later, Brexit remains a losing decision.

“Still, I remember a great bargaining team and our daily work for the 27 unit.

“The European project deserves to be defended and reformed with the same unity and the same energy.

After the signing of the agreement, Mr Barnier published his journal of negotiations and before his unsuccessful changeover to the French presidency.

Although the ATT avoided the potential chaos of a no-deal Brexit, relations between the UK and the EU have remained difficult.

Talks are continuing in an attempt to resolve issues over Northern Ireland’s trade deals and the UK is locked in a bitter dispute with France over fishing rights.

Lord Frost having resigned from Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet on Saturday, Foreign Minister Liz Truss has now received her Brexit dossier.

Speaking on Wednesday after her first appeal with European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic, she said: “We want a constructive relationship with the EU, based on trade and our common belief in freedom and democracy . Solving current problems is essential to unlock this potential.

“The UK’s position has not changed. We need goods to move freely between Britain and Northern Ireland, for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to be the final arbiter of disputes between us and fix other issues. “

Ms Truss added: “We need to step up the pace of talks in the new year. Our preference remains to reach an agreed solution.

“If that doesn’t happen, we stand ready to trigger Article 16 guarantees to deal with the very real problems in Northern Ireland and to protect the Belfast (Good Friday) agreement.”