Sky News editor-in-chief argued that Brexit was having a detrimental effect on Britain’s global position and suggested Joe Biden could look to Germany or France to forge closer ties with Brussels . The UK has traditionally acted as a “bridge” between Washington and the European Union since joining the bloc in 1974, but Brexit could affect its position, argued Ms Rigby. Boris Johnson hailed the departure from the EU as an opportunity for the UK to strengthen relations with the US and other international partners.

But the Sky News political editor has warned Mr Johnson that his goals may struggle to be achieved.

She said: “The reality is that, on the world stage, Brexit has shrunk the UK in that it is no longer part of the European gang, so Biden could look to France or Germany for negotiating with this bloc rather than negotiating with this transatlantic bridge that was once the United Kingdom.

“I think there is an idealized view Boris Johnson has of global Britain, but when it comes to terms with reality it is indeed a quite different thing.

“As far as Afghanistan was concerned, it was a unilateral decision by the US, the UK was caught off guard, the UK was scrambling. In a way, the UK seemed diminished on the World Scene.”

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She continued: “It was Theresa May, the former Prime Minister, who after that told the Prime Minister directly if the United States had made the decision, is Global Britain so helpless that it cannot no alternative, it can’t galvanize NATO.

“It was a question of good, actually what does Global Britain stand for if you’re just the puppy, if you will, of the United States in this situation?”

“So there is one thing around the bilateral relationship that had been more important to the UK because of Brexit, but the US is acting in a particularly unilateral way when it comes to the decisions it makes.”

Joe Biden has repeatedly reiterated the United States’ commitment to safeguard the Good Friday deal from the impact of Brexit.

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Under the protocol, Northern Ireland became the only part of the UK to remain in the single market and customs union to preserve the terms of the Belfast agreement requiring no controls to be put in place between Belfast and Dublin.

But the British government is calling for a change in conditions, arguing that the settlement has resulted in an unwanted distinction between British nations.

Liz Truss, who took over the role of post-Brexit negotiations following Lord Frost’s resignation earlier this month, said she wanted to find a “comprehensive solution” to the protocol.

Allies of the foreign minister said she wanted to “jump into action” but did not say how she would approach the issue of customs arrangements.