Donald Trump, the most anti-immigrant president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, comes up against a democratic presidential field which unanimously promotes the establishment of government-managed health insurance illegal immigrants. There is surely a happy medium between Stephen miller-style of family separation and a massive extension of the welfare state to millions of people living outside the law?

The Libertarian Party, still the third political group in the country (however distant), has a Platform very copacetic towards immigrants, if not entirely via state largesse.

“Libertarians believe that people should be able to travel freely as long as they are peaceful,” the party said immigration board bed. “A truly free market requires the free flow of people, not just products and ideas … Of course if someone has a history of violence, credible plans for violence, or acts violently, then Libertarians support the blockade.” of their entry, expulsion and / or prosecute and imprison them, depending on the offense. “

Conclusion: “Libertarians do not support classifying undocumented immigrants as criminals. Our current immigration system is embarrassing. People who wish to follow legal procedures cannot do so because these procedures are so complex, expensive and If Americans want immigrants to bring it in through legal channels, we need to make those channels fair, reasonable and accessible. “

To a notable degree, LP’s best presidential candidates 2020 carve the radical immigration platform for US party politics.

“One of the proudest positions we have in this party is that of opening borders,” said the Future of Freedom Foundation founder Jacob Hornberger, who won the party’s non-binding presidential caucuses in Iowa and Minnesota this month, said during a California debate which I moderated on February 16. “I grew up on a farm in Rio Grande. We hired illegal immigrants … You all know the checkpoints. We have them there. I myself was stopped by the border patrol. when I was in high school, “Open your trunk!” Warrantless searches of our farm to arrest our workers. It’s a police state, and there is only one solution: to dismantle everything. People have the fundamental right, given by God, to cross borders like human beings and not to die of thirst and dehydration in the desert and on the back of 18 wheels. “

There were five other contestants on stage that night, and each said similar things.

Media entrepreneur and current fundraising leader Adam kokesh, whose great campaign idea is to sign a decree from day one dissolves the federal government, postulated that “government borders are not legitimate” and that “only private property borders” deserve respect. Kokesh then added: “And if being American means anything about resisting unjust authority and employing civil disobedience, I would dare say that most of those who come here illegally are more American than the apathetic American. average today. “

Performance artist and serial candidate Supreme vermin, which has won the party’s only other competition to date (New Hampshire), joked, “You can’t ban people. If you ban people, only people will be outlaws.”

New to the race for deep pockets Mark Whitney, a former comedy enthusiast who founded THELAWNETsaid of undocumented immigrants, “I don’t just want them to be citizens, I want them to work on my campaign.”

Candidate for academic vice-presidency and 1996 LP Jo jorgensen complained that, “Right now we have a system where we keep everyone away, except we’re just letting a few people in. What we need to do is turn it around and let everyone in. world enter. “

And bipartisan former governor of Rhode Island and US senator Lincoln chafee underlined the political desirability of it all: “I see this as a political advantage which, along with our policy of open borders and our libertarian views on immigration, especially the fastest growing electoral bloc in the States -United Hispanics are going to have the opportunity in 2020 to look at our platform and come to our side. “

Of the eight other presidential candidates who attended the California LP convention but failed to convince enough delegates to send them to the debate stage, only one, Phil gray, even mentioned immigration in his three-minute speech the day before, and that was in Gray’s service. unusual idea to have undocumented workers pay off the country’s $ 23 trillion debt.

From more than two dozen candidates currently vying for the libertarian presidential nomination, you can find occasional relapses at open borders: New Hampshire State Rep. Max Abramson (“Tackle Companies Replacing American Workers and Green Card Holders with Illegal Immigrants and Stop Trying Opportunists to Enter the Country Illegally”), business consultant and recent party changer Blake ashby (“I don’t believe in an open border, nor in an open commitment to accept refugees”), welder / pipe fitter and outdoor man Kenneth blevins (“I fully support legal and approved immigration”), FedEx Hawaiian Steven richey (“owning property and sending funds should be for citizens”), “business owner, singer, minister, people lover” Demetra Jefferson Wysinger (“illegally entering our country is NOT immigration, it is an invasion and a crime”), and “jedi alchemistJedidiah Hill (“Integrate people into society, make them learn English and put them to work”).

But with the exception of Abramson, none of those contestants caused a stir during the primary season, and even Abramson finished a rambling 14th in the primary ballot in its original condition.

The biggest story is the story that isn’t there. In other words, while immigration policy tends to at least somewhat divide all political blocs, including both libertarians and Libertarians, this particular dog does not hunt in this principle-oriented Presidential cycle LP.

A key figure in this development is Jacob hornberger, who is not only the best-known libertarian intellectual, but also enjoys the support of the Caucus Mises, which adheres to the Austrian School of Economics and positively adheres to the members of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. (LvMI Senior Fellow and popular podcaster Tom woods sits on the Mises Caucus advisory board and endorsed Hornberger, just like the comic Dave smith.)

The leaders of the Libertarian Party and the Mises Institute have been shooting each other regularly since 2017, in part because of the “identity politics” seen as politically correct in the LP versus the politically incorrect perception “.blood and earth“enthusiasm at LvMI. (Read my account of their clash at National libertarian convention 2018.) Some libertarians never tire of emphasizing LvMI’s hospitality to nationalists like Hans-Hermann Hoppe; the Misesites, in turn, rarely miss an opportunity to make fun of the LP National guys for “signaling virtue. “

Yet both sides have stayed in the same party tent, with Woods and Smith, in particular, helping recruit new hires on their podcasts. And in Ron Paul’s longtime friend Hornberger, Mises enthusiasts have someone who is both irreproachable anti-war (the problem that, with the end of the Federal Reserve, the Austrians are raising above all else) and shamelessly open borders. No blood or dirt on this Texas watch.

During the libertarian convention in the state of Massachusetts last July, months before entering the race, Hornberger defended open immigration as essential to a free society with fire and brimstone.

“One of the most glorious and honorable positions this party has ever taken is that of opening borders,” he said. “Oh I know, libertarians will say ‘Oh my God, he’s an albatross, Jacob! It’s a handicap! It costs votes! We must join Republicans and Democrats on this issue! “There are people dying in the American Southwest in the deserts of dehydration and thirst. They die crossing the Rio Grande, including children. They die on the back of 18 wheels. They get kidnapped. children of their families. You have a police state all along the border in the southwest and in Texas. There is no way to reconcile all this police state action with death and suffering – and for libertarians never to align would be a moral abomination. “

Part of what makes Hornberger’s immigration message salable to libertarians is that he associates it with the erasure, not the expansion, of the welfare state.

“We live in a society based on massive compulsory charity work,” he said in Massachusetts. “The crown jewels of this system being Social Security and Medicare, along with a host of others. There is no way to reconcile a truly free society with compulsory charity. at all. Because people have a natural, God-given right to keep whatever they earn and decide for themselves what to do with it… And so, if we want to achieve a free society, that necessarily implies a dismantling of the infringements of liberty, and that includes social security and health insurance. You must abrogate, abolish, dismantle the infringements of liberty in order to realize the free society. “

The LP presidential race, to be settled at the national convention in Austin, Texas, May 21-25, has so far been a battle to see who can best represent the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party. As such, it is striking, at this time of major party polarization and deep divisions between immigration policies and immigration policies, to see a principled libertarian immigration message emerge: Mr. Trump, tear down that wall.

You can watch the entire California Libertarian Presidential Debate below; immigration cases start at 27:45:

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