Healthy living requires more than the old adage “an apple a day” suggests.

Just ask Lori Shrock and Michelle Urban, co-owners of Chardon integrated wellness center at 602 South Street at Woodiebrook Gables Plaza.

Shrock and Urban are massage therapists who reconnected years after attending Berkshire High School.

The business concept emerged once it was discovered that they had similar aspirations to expand into additional health and wellness services.

“We literally had the same idea… we wanted a more holistic approach to the community,” Shrock said. “Teaching health and wellness was our main goal. “

The takeoff was a bit difficult at first. An opening in early 2020 was quickly halted when the coronavirus pandemic forced the company to temporarily close.

However, the women persevered and opened in their new location in May.

The Chardon Integrated Well-Being Center offers a variety of services designed to promote physical and mental well-being.

In addition to a team of four massage therapists, health specialists Courtney Barth and Marybeth Wantz are also on board.

Barth is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer providing individual nutritional counseling as well as the prevention and management of diabetes, heart disease and more.

Wantz, a certified functional medicine health coach, provides assistance with comprehensive health and wellness plans. She also works with oncologists to help cancer patients struggling with problems resulting from chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well as cancer survivors.

About half of the centre’s clients are those who have been referred by doctors.

Dr David Buehner of Munson Chiropractic in Geauga County is among the healthcare professionals recommending the center to patients.

“Past referrals have praised the services of the Chardon Wellness Center,” he said.

In addition to several types of massage therapies, other available resources include breathing and meditation coaching, classes and workshops which Shrock says may be helpful for people with anxiety and other health issues. this guy.

She added that breathing and meditation techniques have been used to help children develop coping skills, and argued that “if you teach a young child he can go through life with tools to cope. to stress in any situation “.

For those who wish to experience many of the centre’s services, monthly packages are offered.

The priority of women is to get involved in the community. They have already started by initiating various zone events.

A virtual 5 km “Fun Run” has been organized for those who choose to walk, run, jump or cycle the distance between August 9 and 15. donated to the charity chosen by the winner.

Registration is available on the company’s website website.

Tickets for a women’s self-care retreat scheduled for September at the Heritage House on Place Chardon will be available in July.

The center also offers fundraising opportunities focused on health and wellness in which schools and businesses are invited to participate.

While keeping in mind the noble goal of general well-being, getting results takes time.

“Health and wellness don’t happen overnight. You must have a model. What we’re really trying to do is encourage consistency, ”Urban said.

For more information and to register for the 5K Fun Run, visit chardonwellnessnow.com.


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