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Marsabit Senator Mohamed Chute was elected Chairman of the Senate Committee on National Cohesion, Equal Opportunity and Regional Integration and Senator-designate Joyce Korir was elected Vice-Chairman.

Chute said his priority will be to promote peaceful coexistence between different communities across the country by ensuring that issues that contribute to discord in the country are addressed by the relevant agencies early enough before they escalate.

The Senator from Marsabit will visit various parts of the country where instances of inter-ethnic conflict have been seen in the past and listen to what residents want to do to ensure that such scenarios are not repeated resulting in loss of life and property. from time to time. .

“It is very sad that 58 years after our independence we have a section of Kenyans who kill and maim over mundane issues such as border disputes and cattle rustling who should not be entertained, our aim should be to develop the country,” Chute said.

Korir said President William Ruto managed to shift the conversation in the country from a focus on tribal differences to economics which propelled him to power, saying it was high time for the momentum is maintained since the recent elections were not about tribal differences.

The named senator, who is a former representative of Bomet Woman, said the committee should focus on how to find measures that will keep the nation united with citizens who no longer look at themselves from a tribal point of view but as one. people with shared values.

Senator Named Gloria Orwoba said the committee must engage young people from volatile areas in programs that will allow them to see their neighboring communities as compatriots and not as enemies who should be treated at the slightest provocation.

“The youth of Kenya have a great role to play in promoting peace and harmony in the country, we must support them in every way possible, as tribal differences will no longer be a factor, as has been argued. saw in the recent general elections,” Orwoba said.

Senators James Lomenen (Turkana), Julius Mwenda (Tharaka Nithi), Joseph Kamau (Lamu), Raphael Chimera (Nominee) Betty Syengo (Nominee) and Betty Montet (Nominee) said peace and harmony were essential and that ‘they would work with the leadership of the committee closely.

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