Over the past year, the New South Wales Department of Education has taken important steps to improve access to before and after school care (BASC), including the development of $155 Million BASC Voucher Program, which provides families with a $500 voucher per child to cover the cost of accessing BASC services. Voucher is to be used to cover the cost of parent deviation fees under the Child Care Subsidy (CCS.)

Although the implementation of the voucher scheme has been welcomed by parents in NSW, it has left some out-of-school-hours (OSHC) care providers with additional administrative burdens and the challenges of setting up accounts and devices for receiving vouchers.

“The initiative is very helpful for families, however, if rolled out as part of the current implementation, it will add quite a significant administrative burden to services that are already under considerable pressure,” the services manager said. to HubHello members, Catherine Felmingham.

To meet the challenge, HubWorks!, a child care management program available on the HubHello platformis developing a CCS integration tool to automate voucher administration and free up time for leaders and educators.

HubWorks! undertakes to assist the departments in the process of registering supporting documents and submitting the required information to Services NSW each term, with CEO David Salajan indicating that his team is currently developing an integration between the reporting tool provided by Services NSW and HubWorks! program.

“Once enabled, the integration will allow services to register families and scan vouchers online, auto-fill government compliance reporting tool and accurately report on voucher balances for each family,” Salajan explained.

The onboarding tool is expected to be released before the Period 2 registration period and will be made available free of charge to all NSW OSHC departments that hold an active HubWorks! Licence.

For more information on HubWorks!, please visit website.