Is lithium the next gasoline?

And Jeremy Wrathall, the founder and CEO of Cornish Lithium Ltd, said the rich layer of alkali metal may also support Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit ambitions in global Britain. The report of the pro-Brexit think tank Facts4EU points out that, despite a global shortage, it is found in the English county.

Cornish Lithium Ltd has entered into extensive mineral rights agreements over more than 500 square kilometers of Cornwall, with a view to begin commercial drilling operations in 2024.

Two months ago, the company announced that it had successfully completed construction of a geothermal water test site in Cornwall, as well as the installation of its first demonstration plant to test process technologies environmentally friendly direct lithium extraction (DLE).

Lithium is an essential component of batteries for electric cars, among many other practical applications.

Boris Johnson’s global vision for Britain could be boosted by Cornish lithium mining (Image: GETTY)


Lithium is crucial for the batteries that power electric cars (Image: GETTY)

The Facts4EU report explains: “It is therefore well ahead of any exploratory approach by the Chinese in Afghanistan, where any form of mining is fraught with pitfalls.

“It remains to be seen, but could Cornwall become the essential source for the EU of a key raw material in the technology needed for the European Commission priority 1: tackling climate change?” “

Mr. Wrathall said “Cornwall has the potential to host an important source of lithium, essential for the development of the UK’s green economy.

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US President Joe Biden

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“This comes at a time when Britain is seeking to be a world leader in electric vehicles and energy transition and it is therefore vital that we seek to develop a safe domestic source of lithium, in a low emission manner. carbon and environmentally friendly. “

He added: “We have made great strides in our lithium brine testing facility at United Downs in Cornwall.

“Our work shows that Cornwall harbors globally significant grades of lithium and we are currently building a pilot lithium mining plant, which is partially funded by the UK government’s Getting Building Fund.

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Lithium mines United States

Lithium mining in the United States (Image: GETTY)


Cornwall, in the west of the country (Image: GETTY)

“This will be completed by the end of March 2022 and will allow us to demonstrate what modern low-carbon mineral extraction looks like, as well as demonstrate the viability of direct lithium mining technology on geothermal waters of Cornwall. “

Additionally, the company’s Trelavour hard rock project had previously produced nominal battery grade lithium hydroxide using so-called Lepidico technologies, for which Cornish Lithium Ltd has since acquired a license.

Mr Wrathall added: “We believe Cornish Lithium is poised to play an important role in establishing a critical national lithium supply chain for the electric vehicle industry.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries (Image: GETTY)

“This will not only boost the regional and national economy as the UK moves to net zero carbon, but it will also position Cornwall at the heart of the Green Industrial Revolution, continuing a proud 4,000 year history of mining and mining. ‘innovation.”

The issue is particularly topical given that Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan has allowed China to mine lithium resources estimated at $ 3 trillion – a point also highlighted in the Facts4EU report. .

Talk to Earlier this week, Facts4EU President Leigh Evans said: Facts4EU.Orgresearch for this report that mining these essential metals in Afghanistan would not be easy.

The British Green Revolution

The British Green Revolution (Image: GETTY)

“Apart from everything else, mining requires electricity and water and none of these are abundant where the precious deposits are, from what we understand.

“Having said that, China is known to play a long game and would not buy these mineral rights for no reason.”

He added: “It is already well documented that the heroin poppy trade in Afghanistan is cynically used to finance the activities of the Taliban.

“The Chinese mining rights payments and subsequent royalties could prove to be a huge bonus for the new regime.”

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