According to DoIT, the global semiconductor industry is keen to develop heterogeneous chip integration processes, but there is no effective solution to achieve the low volume, high mix manufacturing required. The Hi-CHIP alliance will provide a trial production platform to help relevant industry players accelerate time to market.

Dr Chih-I Wu, vice president and general manager of ITRI’s electronic and optoelectronic systems research laboratories and president of Hi-CHIP, pointed out that to meet the demand for integrating multiple chips on one A miniaturized package system that improves functionality, a chip-based approach can be adopted to solve problems such as heat dissipation and signal cascade while reducing costs. He stressed that multidimensional chip designs and integration of heterogeneous packages will be the key to the development of the semiconductor industry.

“With the support of DoIT, ITRI began early to develop advanced packaging technology as well as hardware and equipment upgrades for heterogeneous integration. The new alliance will provide an AIoT system application platform and one-stop-shop services, ”Dr Wu said. He notes that with the testing process and equipment in place, the industry will increase its capacity. production and will allow the localization of the supply chain. Hi-CHIP will also work with international alliances such as AITA and CHIPS to jointly promote the growth of the semiconductor industry.

Hi-CHIP members currently include semiconductor heavyweights in Taiwan. It is hoped that the alliance will partner with supply chain players to create custom orders and strengthen core process capabilities, thereby gaining a leading edge in the competitive market.

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