Washington, DC – (Newsfile Corp. – January 22, 2022) – CryptoDSP.io has announced the integration of a new advertising platform for FinTech-related businesses. The platform is designed to meet the needs of innovation-friendly companies to help them reach a targeted audience with pinpoint accuracy. While businesses can simply market their products or services with social media and PR, CryptoDSP’s technology helps them further expand their influence with highly targeted digital ads.

Legacy Finance is known for using targeted digital advertising well, while FinTech players are big in the social media game. CryptoDSP.io trains FinTechs to also target and tailor their advertising to specific audiences. Matt McMillan, co-founder of CryptoDSP.io says: “You are on social networks. You do public relations. But that only scratches the surface. Targeted digital advertising allows you to identify specific audiences and convert them. »

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Digital marketers use audience targeting as a technique to ensure that their ads are shown only to people who are most likely to buy what they are selling. CryptoDSP.io offers a simple solution. The company helps clients reach potential investors, buyers and customers with an immersive digital advertising experience that follows them where and when they travel online.

FinTech is the king of social media. But the legacy financial industry is still winning the digital game. Why? Because they have mastered digital advertising. It’s time to close the gap,“says Jim Walsh, co-founder of CryptoDSP.io.

Using its proprietary technology, CryptoDSP.io has tapped into “segments” of millions of crypto-attracted investors worldwide based on their verified digital behavior. The company identifies devices that are using a financial app, browsing financial news during a financial event, or showing interest in investing through online shopping habits. However, all personally identifiable information is kept confidential.

The company securely stores these non-IPI segments in its DMP (data management platform) and feeds these segments into a DSP (demand-side platform) that has access to digital ad inventory on 90% of the brand’s secure Internet. This gives the customer the opportunity to reach potential customers through their ads.

If required, CryptoDSP.io can also provide and translate advertising copy into mainstream industry languages, including English, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Spanish. In doing so, the company plays the role of the “post office” of the Internet.

CryptoDSP.io is ideally suited for CMOs, CMOs, advertising professionals, and CEOs. The company’s goal is to reach decision makers who allocate marketing and advertising budgets for medium to large projects.

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