Dear real estate agent in difficulty,

You’ve been through a lot lately. The past two years have been historic in many ways. The onset of the pandemic has caused complete disruption to your business. After a few months of navigating uncertainty, you were able to regain a foothold in the market, but experienced a whirlwind of activity as buyers outnumbered sellers.

Throughout the twists and turns of the last 24 months, you have developed your resilience. The 2022 version of yourself is braver than the 2019 version. Your willingness to accept and thrive in whatever daily reality comes your way is truly remarkable. So why is this confidence and strength not showing in your company?

The truth is, many real estate agents like you are struggling to grow their business because they’re not taking the lessons they’ve learned during the pandemic and applying them to their business. We’ve all pivoted our approach in 2020 out of necessity, but many agents haven’t embraced the positive results we’ve seen (e.g., more digitized transactions, increased confidence in remote transactions, highly educated customers ). They are hesitant to act because of complacency and fear, which prevents them from taking their business to the next level.

The key to cultivating a successful real estate business is to start dreaming, celebrating, and surrounding yourself with success.

  • 1 Start dreaming – Uncertainty interrupts our ability to plan for the future or dream about what might be. Not dreaming has kept you from getting excited about the possibility of your career. It’s kept you from taking those necessary, and sometimes frightening, steps to get closer to greatness.

Without dreams, you will maintain current habits that support the person you are today. Dreaming challenges you to be better, to do better, and to make better decisions. Your actions will form new behaviors that will support your dream, and those behaviors will pave the way for greatness.

  • 2. Start celebrating – Remember when you celebrated surviving a virtual school week by ordering a fancy dinner and renting a very expensive movie? How did you celebrate when your sourdough starter worked or when your banana bread won an award? When was the last time you celebrated a professional accomplishment?

Celebrating your successes not only encourages happiness in your life, but it also cultivates a positive mindset. Neglecting the celebration tells your brain that what you’re doing isn’t that important. If nothing you do is worth celebrating, your days become monotonous and burnout will inevitably follow.

By taking the time to cement your victories with celebration, you reflect on how you accomplished your success and apply that knowledge to future endeavours. It builds confidence and creates momentum to do more. Finally, it inspires others to succeed and celebrate their victories as well.

  • 3. Surround yourself with success – You didn’t wake up today to be mediocre. This is true not only in your actions, but also in the people you choose to spend time with. During the quarantine, you did not want to free yourself? Didn’t you feel like exploring new possibilities and opportunities? Take that feeling and channel it into your network by looking for successful people.

If you’re the smartest person in the room, your growth potential has been capped and you need to look for a new room. Successful people push you, challenge you, and show you that your goals are possible. Most of the time, we don’t know what we are capable of until we witness what others have accomplished. When we meet successful people, we see how they got to where they are today and avoid the pitfalls they may have made.

For a real estate agent, find someone who has made progress in your target market. Join training groups led by people who know the business better than you. You’ll soon learn that when you’re around motivated people, they’ll show you the knowledge gaps you need to fill to reach your next step.

Two years of unprecedented experiences have led to unprecedented lessons. These lessons don’t just apply to your personal life, but should be applied to your career. Take the ambition, strength and determination you found in 2020 and turn it into a springboard to move your business forward.


Leo Anzoleaga

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