Diet ID now integrated with Cerbo

The Cerbo partnership marks the first electronic health record integration of Diet ID, streamlining the assessment of diet quality for healthcare providers.

Having detailed nutrition information distilled into a traceable vital sign in the Cerbo graph instantly gives busy providers better patient data, while eliminating the need to switch between systems .

– Benjamin Dappen, co-founder and CEO, Cerbo

DETROIT, MI, United States, Oct. 22, 2021 / – Cerbo, an electronic health record (EHR) designed for functional medicine and direct payment practices, is now integrated with Diet ID, a dietary assessment innovative digital and personalized nutrition planning platform. This offering allows practitioners to quickly measure and monitor the quality of the diet like any other vital sign, directly in the patient’s chart. This finally allows food problems to be solved in a standard workflow, which was nearly impossible to achieve with conventional tools.

The quality of the diet is the main indicator of chronic disease risk and longevity. Last year, the American Heart Association said it was “essential that the quality of the diet be assessed and discussed at the point of care with clinicians and other members of the health care team to reduce incidence and improve management of chronic diet-related diseases ”(1). Diet ID’s Rapid Screening Tool provides an objective measure of diet quality. Cerbo stores this data in a patient’s EHR instantly upon completion of the assessment, allowing multiple practitioners to quickly and easily integrate diet quality data into a comprehensive plan of care.

“This partnership allows healthcare professionals to finally see diet as a vital sign,” said David Katz, founder and CEO of Diet ID. “Documenting diet quality in Cerbo’s advanced EHR system is an important step in standardizing a diet quality measurement in coordinated care models. “

Benjamin Dappen, co-founder and lead developer of Cerbo, says: “Having detailed nutrition information distilled into a traceable vital sign in the patient’s chart in Cerbo instantly gives busy providers better health data. patient, while avoiding the need to jump between systems. “

Routine measurement of diet quality is important not only because it is linked to the risk of chronic disease, but because a positive change in the quality of the diet leads to improved health biomarkers, cost savings and quality of life. Every 10 point increase in diet quality (on a 100 point scale) results in a reduction of at least 10% in the incidence of chronic disease.

Cerbo customers wishing to add Diet ID to their workflow can contact the company at [email protected]

(1) Vadiveloo M, Lichtenstein AH, Anderson C, Aspry K, et al. Rapid diet assessment screening tools for cardiovascular disease risk reduction in healthcare settings: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association. Results Circ Cardiovasc Qual. 2020; 13: e000094. doi: 10.1161 / HCQ.00000000000000094

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