ATLANTIC OCEAN (18 June 2022) – NATO partnership and interoperability took center stage during the George HW Bush Carrier Strike Group (GHWBCSG) Deployment Certification Exercise, June 16-18 .

During the NATO Vigil, the U.S. 2nd Fleet completed a Transfer of Authority (TOA) from GHWBCSG to Naval Strike and Sustainment Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) – NATO’s rapidly deployable joint headquarters NATO. The transfer-take-over (HOTO) process rehearsed and reinforced command and control while aligning communication channels between the strike group and STRIKFORNATO, in addition to combining maritime operations against a realistic adversary force in the exercise.

“You can’t increase trust, interoperability, and high-end team performance,” said Rear Admiral Dennis Velez, commander of CSG-10 and GHWBCSG. “Exercises like this – especially when we sail with Captain Jacopo Rollo and the crew of ITS Caio Duilio (D 554) as part of our team – help us develop the muscle memory and confidence needed for us engage effectively in the way we must during our assigned missions.

This was the 4th iteration of a NATO vignette – developed by CSG-4 and the Combined Joint Operations Center of Excellence from Sea (CJOS COE) – as part of a certification exercise of deployment.

“We continue to develop these vignettes in partnership with CSG 4 to increase value for the training audience as part of our mission at CJOS COE,” said French Captain Max Blanchard, CJOS COE Liaison Officer. for the on-board exercise aboard the GHWB. “We started working on them before the onset of the current crisis on NATO’s eastern flank, and events like this present the Alliance with an opportunity to increase our operational capability in support of our mutual defense and success.

Vice Admiral Daniel Dwyer’s comments to the crew during their visit to GHWB underscored the importance of continued engagement and training with NATO allies.

“As we watch very closely the events unfolding on NATO’s eastern flank with Russia’s illegal military action in Ukraine, it is incumbent upon us, the United States, the United States Navy and all of our allied partners to show determination against this unlawful aggression,” Dwyer said.

The training sticker is anything but theoretical. In January, the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group (HSTCSG) came under STRIKFORNATO during Neptune Strike 2022 and again in May with the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) during Neptune Shield 2022.

George HW Bush provides National Command Authority with a flexible and customizable combat capability as the flagship of a carrier battle group that maintains maritime stability and security to provide access, deter aggression, and defend the interests of United States, allies and partners.

CSG-10, George HW Bush The CSG is an integrated combat weapons system that provides superior combat capability to deter and, if necessary, defeat U.S. adversaries in support of national security.

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