ENPICOM will expand its IGX platform to enable new accountability analyzes for antibody discovery workflows

‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, June 10, 2021Life Sciences News Wire – ENPICOM, an innovative bioinformatics software engineering company, has announced the upcoming expansion of the IGX platform’s capabilities towards advanced liability prediction. At the Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics virtual conference, the company revealed its intention to integrate the structural antibody prediction platform (SAbPred) developed by researchers at the University of Oxford.

“SAbPred is a widely recognized and validated tool developed by experts in molecular biology. While our team has extensive knowledge in bioinformatics and software engineering, we believe this powerful combination brings the best of both worlds. We enhance the capabilities of our current platform and provide an exceptional experience for antibody and vaccine developers looking for a faster, more efficient and more reliable antibody discovery solution. Said Jos Lunenberg, co-founder and CEO of ENPICOM.

“We are very pleased to see the SabPred tools from Oxford Protein Informatics Group integrated with ENPICOM’s IGX platform. This collaboration will open the door for new users to apply our software to the structural analysis of antibodies. said Fergus Boyles, a research software engineer at the University of Oxford.

Enable large-scale structural liability analysis

Oxford researchers developed SAbPred to make various predictions of antibody properties that can support the process of antibody discovery and design. The software makes it possible to study the properties of antibodies and generate valuable information for the development potential of antibody candidates. SAbPred is currently used by leading biopharmaceutical companies to improve the design of antibody-based therapies.

By integrating SAbPred tools into the IGX platform, ENPICOM enables scientists to apply sophisticated algorithms to analyze sequencing data at high throughput in a scalable and intuitive environment. This integration opens up new antibody discovery workflows, such as structural analysis of proteins of interest and annotation of important responsibility characteristics to select antibody candidates with good developability properties.

“The integration of SAbBox technology with ENPICOM’s IGX platform is an excellent case study for the impact of research at the University of Oxford. We look forward to this launch as it will provide new ways to access SabPred tools on a cloud-based platform. said Sandeep Singh, senior director of licensing and business at Oxford University Innovation.

To learn more about the announcement at the Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Virtual Conference, watch the on-demand conference recording here.


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Leveraging a unique blend of immunology knowledge, bioinformatics method development, and software engineering skills, ENPICOM offers a world-class repertoire sequencing data analysis solution – the ImmunoGenomiX (IGX) platform. IGX is an innovative platform for managing, storing, analyzing, visualizing and interpreting sequencing data from the immune repertoire of T and B cell receptors. In collaboration with the DDL diagnostic laboratory, ENPICOM provides a comprehensive sequencing and testing service. analysis of the immune repertoire.

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