On Friday, the US president closed a week of UN General Assembly meetings by inviting the leaders of the “Quad”, Australia, India, Japan and the United States to the White House. After meeting at the White House, Quad leaders said in a statement: “The Quad Summit opportunity is an opportunity to refocus ourselves and the world on the Indo-Pacific and our vision of what we hope to achieve. The statement added: “We also welcome the EU’s September 2021 strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.”

This underscored that the US president is focusing on Asia.

Mr Biden showed during his first months in office that he was focused on strengthening US allegiance to Asian allies rather than rejuvenating the Western alliance with the EU.

The EU can become relegated to a regional rather than a primary alliance.

It surprised European leaders who thought the new president would strengthen ties with the bloc that weakened under Donald Trump’s administration.

The Quad expressed its determination to develop a global technology supply chain with democratic countries that excludes Chinese participation.

This decision contrasted with European countries which chose to continue their economic ties with Beijing.

However, this calls into question Mr Biden’s expressed wish to restrict China’s technological progress.

Mr Biden’s measures have started to confuse European leaders.

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“This has broader implications for our relationship with the United States.

“The lack of communication and confrontation between close partners has created real difficulties.

“It is a bad image of the coordination between powerful allies.

“It’s not good for the West.”

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