Britain’s departure from the bloc sent shockwaves reverberating across Europe after nearly 50 years of membership. A year later, Britain wasted no time capitalizing on its new-found freedom, signing a number of lucrative trade deals with countries around the world.

Campaign groups from some of the EU’s biggest and most important member states – including France, Italy and the Netherlands – are now pushing their countries to follow the UK out of the bloc.

Nile Gardiner, foreign policy analyst and former collaborator of Margaret Thatcher, warned that attempts by some countries to push for more “euro-federalism” could spark a retaliation from others who may see the emergence of it. a “two-speed Europe”.

The foreign policy analyst told “European elites fear democracy and leave their own public votes on joining Europe.

“You will see more attempts by EU leaders to consolidate power and a greater desire for federalism in the euro.

“The French will drive this and the Germans might agree with part of this agenda.

“You will see some governments pushing for more central control of Brussels, but there will be a huge response from central and European countries who don’t want to see this.

“The Scandinavian countries won’t want to see more integration in Europe, so you might see a two-speed Europe emerge.”

Now the British have taken it out on the European ‘controller’ superstate and said it was ‘not fit for purpose’.

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“As a controlling EU superstate, this is intolerable.”

Dolphin Boy added: “The EU believed that no one could leave their cabal.

“Remember, the establishment has been listed.

“It took a lot of effort and luck for the UK to leave.

“Please, someone else has the courage too …”

A third reader, known as eurpoorcommie, said: “The EU is the union that works on protectionism.

” Prices. Barriers. Secret clubs, payments, stamps in parliament and setting up borders for exchanges and partnerships.

“Meanwhile, the UK is making deals with the economic powers of the future, not with the stagnant EU that seeks to control everyone and everything within its reach.

“Ukraine, they are also coming for you. “

Mother Shabubu said: “Time will tell, but I think the UK has been truly blessed to take the decision it has taken to withdraw from the EU.

“It is not too far from the dictation of the EU to its members.

“The signs are already there with Poland.”