Global Esports accuses the former GE Antidote player of poaching Sagnik ‘hellfightR’ Roy from their Valorant roster.
-Antidote and velocity game respond to dispel the misunderstanding
-Both organizations agree to create anti-poaching measures

“Esports in India is still in its infancy,” several industry experts told us. Players skipping teams has always been a problem for organizations, preventing players from skipping teams is not easy. Over the years, we have seen several players breaking their contracts and cases of poaching, which negatively affects the Indian esports ecosystem and pushes away the systematic system of transfers and loans, which is the key to any sporting growth. As the founder of Global esports, Rushindra, shared on his instagram: “It is also a lesson for all players to stop poaching and / or committing any other violation of terms or services with the organization. . If we want the ecosystem to grow, we need to adhere to the system that encourages systematic transfers / loans / redemptions / exchanges to ensure that all parties involved benefit.

The trendy Valorant scene in India just got its own drama. Global esports founder and CEO Dr Rushindra Sinha has accused Velocity Gaming Valorant star Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose of poaching Sagnik ‘hellfightR’ Roy from their Valorant roster. Hellfighter was excluded from the active Valorant line with immediate effect, just days after its list was announced.

He especially stressed that the two players say that it is a mutual and not a case of poaching, after accusing the antidote of poaching. He also urged Velocity Gaming to discourage ethical poaching and asked them to look into the matter.

ALV games response

Velocity Gaming responded by saying that they have always encouraged ethical behavior and Indian esports learned it the hard way, hinting at similar poaching and team disbandment in CS: GO. The other went on to say after considering the matter that the Antidote and Hellf are both longtime friends and a friendly cover has been misinterpreted.

Rushindra then thanked them for coming to a resolution which VLT posted that they had resolved their misunderstanding and that third party news should cover both stories and not defame each other. They also said they would take measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.

We don’t know if GE can take legal action under its signed contract with Hellf to prevent it from switching to VLT games, but for now the player has been benched. But we know for sure that poaching will hinder and has hampered the growth of the esports ecosystem and that it is best to tackle it and implement measures by organizations to stop it.

Rushindra’s response

Velocity Gaming’s final answer

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