It had been too long since the Falcons had played football.

The farewell weeks are good reminders for players and fans alike, but we are well past the free weekend and have moved on to the part where the time away from a playing field feels like a drought.

We start official training week on Wednesday, leading up to a winnable road game against the Miami Dolphins.

The Falcons are in good shape, with an opportunity to win their second in a row and reach .500.

Can they do it? Of course, but how? We’ll discuss this and some future prospects in this week’s Bair Mail:

Charlie C. from Boulder, Colorado.

Yes [Calvin] Ridley and [Russell] Gage can return to the field playing as he is able, don’t you think our offense could be very difficult to defend?

Bair: I do, especially if they can build on what was accomplished against the Jets. Kyle Pitts was still a factor although other high profile targets were not in the pattern.

The respect he has gained recently will attract attention in his own way, which should open up opportunities for others. Calvin Ridley can be a dynamic force on the pitch, as we’ve seen, and can change a game on his own. He should be fully back in action this week.

Russell Gage is back in training after missing a few games, though his status ultimately remains uncertain. There were a few times in the game where I mentioned out loud – Tori can vouch for me – that the Falcons were really missing. He was a prime target for the third try and someone who emerged last season.

With Cordarrelle Patterson, Pitts, Ridley and Gage – Hayden Hurst is also a factor, but hasn’t had much of an impact so far – the Falcons will be tough to defend. Assuming, of course, that the offensive line can give Matt Ryan time to work. That’s the crux of it all and how frightening the Falcons offensive can be.

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