We’ve been saying for years – decades, to be honest – that America no longer needs gun restrictions to fight violent criminals who abuse guns; we just have to apply the laws that are already in place. Our argument has always been that passing new laws will only affect otherwise law-abiding and accountable gun owners whom the anti-gun mob continues to claim to support their “sensitive” proposals.

Violent criminals will always ignore gun laws, just as they ignore the myriad of other laws that make them violent criminals.

But it seems these criminals aren’t the only ones ignoring gun laws. The federal government too, according to President Biden. If you don’t believe us, just listen to what he actually said.

“And to your point, Mr. Baker, regarding the lack of lying prosecutions on Form 4473, we just don’tyou have neither the time nor the manpower to prosecute anyone who lies on a form, who ticks the wrong box, who answers a question incorrectly. “

Biden said that in 2013, when he was Vice President of President Obama, and he was speaking to the former Executive Director of the NRA-ILA, Jim Baker, who was then the Director of Federal Affairs of the NRA-ILA.

This statement was made by Biden at an Obama administration meeting as part of his promotion of a series of new gun laws. The NRA had agreed to attend the PR event to explain their position, and Biden’s response came after Baker pointed out, as we’ve repeatedly pointed out before and since, that the new laws won’t are not what America needs.

Obviously, the Obama / Biden team was not interested in enforcing existing laws, only passing new ones.

Of course, we are not saying that anyone who is denied the purchase of a firearm through the NICS should be prosecuted, as the system is far from perfect and results in a number of false denials. In addition, some people banned, especially those who old or obscure beliefs, might not even realize that they are legally prohibited from purchasing a firearm.

You see, when people try to buy a gun through a Federal Firearms License Holder (FFL), or what’s more simply called a gun store, they fill out a federal form (Form 4473) and then are screened through the National Instant Criminal Background Check. (NICS) to determine if they are prohibited under federal law from purchasing a firearm.

If you complete the form accurately and you are in fact prohibited from purchasing a firearm, the form will tell you. Even if you don’t realize it, the dealer will usually look at the form, and if there is anything on the form indicating that you are banned, the dealer will let you know. Resellers don’t want to waste their time contacting NICS if they know that contact will result in a refusal. The appeal to NICS is really to determine if the person who filled out the form lied about their legal status, which violates federal law.

Once NICS has been contacted, approximately 1% of the millions of NICS checks performed each year result in refusals. Almost 40 million checks were written last year, although that number was well above normal, so let’s look at previous years to put that in perspective. Before 2020, the number of annual checks averaged around 25 million, so there were on average around 250,000 refusals each year. If a refusal is legitimate, it is likely a federal crime, as the completed form likely claimed that the buyer was not banned.

While not all NICS checks relate specifically to a firearm transfer, the vast majority do.

Now we know that many of these denials are mistakes as countless people have appealed their initial denial and then got approved. But, many people wrongly refused may never appeal, so we don’t know the total “false positive” rate for NICS.

In addition, many people who try to buy a firearm but are prohibited by law from doing so probably have no idea that they are in such a situation; especially since anti-gun extremists constantly strive to expand the list of banned people.

It is easy to imagine that a 60 year old man who wants to buy a gun is refused because he did an illegal act in his twenties that was not a prohibitive offense, but the offense did. now prevents making a legal purchase.

Likewise, some were likely convicted of prohibitive offenses, but were never told that their offense meant they could no longer legally purchase a firearm. Many prohibitive offenses, after all, are crimes that are not violent – think of tax offenses and other financial crimes – so it is not at all inconceivable that many do not view such violations as a reason for breaking laws. someone’s rights protected by the Second Amendment.

With this in mind, there are certainly those who knowingly attempt to break the law. Even if you exclude all the NICS disclaimers that are errors, and those that are aimed at people who didn’t know they were banned, there are probably still several thousand people who are career criminals who every year , knowingly attempting to make an illegal purchase. in the hope that they can beat the system. Remember, they are real criminals and are knowingly trying to get around the law.

Bringing criminals off the streets of career criminals, especially those who are clearly identified as having broken the law by trying to illegally acquire a firearm, should be a priority for all law enforcement. They even made the job of investigating their criminal activities much easier because they literally told the government that they were trying to commit another crime.

Shouldn’t the federal government be investigating these crimes? According to 2013 Joe Biden, the answer is “No”.

Today things are not very different. Biden, now president, is once again pushing a series of new gun laws. This latest round of attacks on the Second Amendment includes attempts to further expand the list of those banned from purchasing firearms, to expand the list of firearms transfers likely to be executed via the NICS to include virtually all transfers – under the guise of “universal background checks – and allow unelected government bureaucrats to wipe out” the moment “in the NICS with the power to arbitrarily delay and prevent indefinitely legal transfers of firearms.

But if Biden wasn’t interested in the federal government investigating and prosecuting career criminals who attempted to illegally acquire guns in 2013, he’s unlikely to be interested in doing so in 2021.

In other words, Biden’s goal of expanding the banned list, expanding the reach of the NICS to cover private transfers, and allowing indefinite delays on transfers subject to NICS has failed. nothing to do with stopping violent criminals. It is about expanding the reach of federal authority and advancing its program of cutting the Second Amendment to the point where it becomes unnecessary.

To be clear, extending the NICS to all firearms transfers (even temporary loans) will do nothing to deter violent criminals from being violent criminals, but it will lay the groundwork for further expansion. more federal gun restrictions. Specifically, the mandatory registration of all firearms and owners of firearms. After all, there is no way to “ensure” that private gun transfers go through NICS without knowing who currently owns which guns.

Again, if Biden and anti-gun extremists were serious about violent crimes in America that involve guns, they would abandon their efforts to expand their control which will only affect respectful gun owners. the law, and would focus on career criminals who have proven they don’t care about local, state, or federal restrictions on their violent criminal activity.

Ditch the facade of promoting more “reasonable” gun control and enforce existing laws that can be used against these predators.

The US House of Representatives, under the iron fist of President Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), pass the first one two bills that Biden hopes to help him end the Second Amendment. These bills, HR 8 and HR 1446, may soon be passed by the US Senate. Members of the NRA and other freedom-loving Americans should therefore take action by contacting their senators and politely, but firmly, asking them to stop these attacks on the law. – respectful gun owners and focus on prosecuting violent criminals.

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