LEBANON, NH (WCAX) – On this Earth Day, students at Lebanon High School used art to express their concerns about the future of the planet.

“Once I sat down and did the art, the ideas started flowing through my mind,” said Deliah Hart, a senior.

Earth art fills a hallway at Lebanon High where environmental science students incorporate their imaginations into their Earth Day lesson plan.

“It was about getting their voices heard in a way that they might not expect in a science class,” said environmental science teacher Ashley Veenema.

“Everything we do on Earth also affects us,” said senior Rylee Beek. She used a variety of mediums. Students from all over the school are encouraged to stop by to check on the work. “And then share what we think the meaning is and connect on our thoughts.”

Brianna DeBanico chose to draw a small child, a generation she believes appreciates nature more than adults. “As we get older, we get so used to our surroundings and get caught up in doing our own thing that we don’t appreciate what’s in front of us,” she said.

“I hope people get more excited about Earth Day,” said Alyssa Graber. Clippings from previous Earth Days fill Graber’s mural. Like the other artists, she is worried about the future. “We will continue to use our resources and eventually we will not have them.”

Because it’s not just about art on a wall. Anticipation is also part of the lesson plan. “We need to educate our students and youth today to bring change for tomorrow,” Veenema said.

Hart says she is already focused on being part of this change. “I’m really excited to see what I can do to change environmental justice issues,” she said.

Along with art, students also create photographic essays that document their interaction with the world around them.

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