TEXARKANA – The purchase of a new computerized system for the distribution, files and management of prisons for the two-state justice building should streamline the information intended for the police.

Texarkanas and Bowie County jointly purchase the system. The goal is to integrate the functions between the police and the sheriff’s office in the bi-state justice building.

Texas agencies have used one system, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department uses another, and all systems used are near or beyond their expected operational lifespan, said Doug Avery of the TAPD’s Central Archives and Communications Department. .

“We all have to operate on one system,” Avery said. “We had different things for recordings and reports and these two systems don’t speak to each other,” Avery said. “We (Arkansas) might be dealing with someone and the officers in Texas can’t see the information we have on that person. It will just work better. Criminals don’t respect the state line.”

The new system is a Motorola public safety system. The bi-state multi-government committee has been working on this change for months.

The Motorola systems to buy are some of the best available and will be fully compatible with new Motorola radios recently purchased and used by TAPD, Avery said. Such a “verified” system is particularly important because, with the exception of New Boston, Texas, two-state dispatchers handle every emergency call from the city limits of Texarkana, Arkansas, to the county borders. from Bowie, Texas.

When a dispatcher enters a name into the system, the agent will be able to see other reports, tickets, addresses, or crimes associated with the person.

“It shows crimes committed by you or crimes committed against you,” Avery said.

“The new system will show everything and be very convenient in investigations. It’s a better tracking system,” he said. “We need a system so that when someone enters the name of a suspect or victim, they start to create a history.”

The local agencies have already looked into the system, but it has been very expensive.

The total cost of the new systems is $ 2.5 million over five years, taken from the budget of Central Records and Communications, to which Texarkanas and Bowie County, Texas each contribute a third. Funds budgeted in previous years but not yet spent will cover $ 1.2 million to $ 1.3 million of the cost, Avery said. In addition, approximately $ 160,000 spent per year to maintain older systems will become available.

The article will also go to the Texarkana Texas City Council and the Bowie County Commissioners Court.

Once approved by all three agencies, the contract will be sent.

It may take another 14 to 16 months for the system to be ready for use.

“It should be live in 2023, it takes a long time to build the program from scratch for three agencies,” Avery said.

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