Sports betting is becoming a ubiquitous element of sports media, with many networks introducing new programming geared towards the burgeoning sector of the industry. In fact, MSG Networks recently announced expanded sports betting programming with the premiere of two new shows, Dimensions with ends and The Half Bettor * Hour, with the expansion of The exchange of bets.

While she has always been a sports fan, Katie Mox did not initially seek to work in the world of sports and entertainment. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and an avid fan of the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL, Mox initially sought to work in design and visual communications and found her niche in public relations. For fifteen years, Mox worked for various public relations firms, holding management positions and communicating with clients. It was only recently that she started working in the world of digital content creation, which started through her Instagram account and helped her land a position as a co-host of The exchange of bets on MSG networks. She says the radical career change is the result of her passion for the sport and her enthusiastic propensity to share her ideas and opinions.

“I always wanted to be on air and do something hosting,” Mox said. “At first it started as a passionate project to talk about sports and games. During the pandemic I saw… an opportunity to really go out there and make this transition for myself in sports broadcasting. “

Mox was fired from her public relations job at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic due to a lack of work, a push that she says accelerated her subsequent transition to sports broadcasting. Still, she has a competitive advantage due to her background in public relations in that she knows how to effectively position herself as a brand among the assemblage of budding personalities. By being able to work in a team, Mox is aware of the implications of his actions on others, and vice versa, and possesses the innate means to make informed strategic decisions.

“I’m so lucky to have worked in public relations for so long because I understand the other side of the business,” Mox said. “As a content creator, I know what is expected of me from the marketing team; the public relations team, etc. Sometimes when you work with influencers they don’t have the knowledge of the business side. I feel like it’s an advantage for me because I’ve been on the marketing side. I know how to make sure I’m doing whatever it takes to make the customer happy.

After the nearly four-and-a-half-month hiatus from professional sports in the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of sports betting has started to proliferate significantly. With various new sportsbooks doing a lot of radio and TV commercials, as well as specialty programming created for punters, this is a booming sector of the industry that shows no signs of slowing down. . While the betting itself is centered on sporting events, Mox says it is the entertainment he offers and the camaraderie he cultivates that have made him extremely popular and profitable today, especially with the young audiences, which she and many others call “betting”.

“There is a whole community of people who love sports betting not only for their skin in the game, but also for the community,” Mox said. “I think sports betting is trying to find a way to reach this group of millennial players.”

One way to do it – by traveling. Mox is the host of the web-series Ride with Katie Presented by Betfred Sports on the sports betting platform “The Gameday”, which combines the pleasure of traveling to different sporting events across the country with sports betting. The content, which regularly has at least 10,000 views each week on YouTube, shows another side of the game that helps break down the initial stigma surrounding it.

“It is to do [gambling] more accessible and showing camaraderie about it, ”explained Mox, who started hosting the show in September 2021.“ It also shows the game in a different light and [that] it’s funny [and] doesn’t have to be scary. You should definitely be smart about it, but I think it hits a new audience and makes it more fun and accessible to younger audiences.

Sports betting has adopted its own vernacular language by using terms such as “parlays”, “teasers” and “point spreads”, terminology with which sports fans looking to immerse themselves in the world of sports betting may not. not be familiar. Shows, like Mox’s The exchange of bets on MSG Networks, help break down that boundary by explaining the nuances of sports betting in the context of current sporting events. The show, which originally aired once a week, has expanded and now airs on MSG Networks Monday through Thursday at 5:30 p.m. EST

“I think MSG is bridging the gap between the younger generation of gamers who want to be entertained with an easier access point that isn’t as intimidating,” Mox said. “We explain the parlays, the teasers [and] how to use these [sic]. We give our best bets, we play games, and we also offer some value with the picks. “

With Mox, The exchange of bets is co-hosted by sports betting personality Jeff Johnson, and will feature former New York athletes, such as former Giants wide receiver David Tyree and former Jets safety Erik Coleman, to talk about sports betting .

MSG Networks Expands Original Sports Betting Programming
Courtesy of: MSG Networks

“I think MSG is the only network that puts former athletes in and talks about sports betting, which I think is really interesting for a younger audience,” Mox said. “Who knows more about the game than them? “

Expanding the sports betting demographics is a mission every bookmaker has embarked on, frequently advertising on sports networks in creative and engaging ways to try to entice new market segments. With a background in public relations, Mox knows that understanding this audience must be the number one priority to build their reach.

“It is to understand that [the audience doesn’t] want experts to bark at them to tell them what they should do, ”Mox explained. “They want real players and people in front of them who offer them education and value, but don’t necessarily take themselves too seriously. As long as sports betting turns to media companies, and they understand this new audience that wants to be more entertained than [have] experts [bark things] to them, they want to ride the wave with you.

As an on-air host and content creator, Mox doesn’t try to pass herself off as a consistent and undisputed winner in her betting practice. On the contrary, it is realistic with the public in the sense that success in “having the skin in the game” is not a guarantee and a practice which, although consumed as a form of entertainment, is better done. responsibly.

“The reality is you don’t win all the time,” Mox said. “People who claim to win all the time lose new audiences. I think MSG Networks and The Gameday do a great job of showing reality.

Some sports shows have live odds set up and talk about sports betting in the game broadcast, including MSG Networks. The network regularly promotes its new app “MSG Pick ‘Em” during its game lineup, which allows fans to win or share a jackpot based on the number of points they earn by answering questions on the game. match that night before it happened. Mox, however, believes that constantly trying to discuss sports betting during the live game action may be going a bit too far at the moment.

“There is a fine line with the broadcasts in the game,” Mox said. “Maybe this is a bit too much because you want to make sure everything is always right.”

As all 50 states move to legalize sports betting, sports consumption habits are shifting across multiple platforms in the direction of significant betting expansion. There is apparently no sign that this exponential growth is stopping quickly, especially within the National Football League, as sports betting partners with broadcast networks and professional sports leagues to create content. targeted tailored to relevant demographics.

“I think sports betting content will be synonymous with sports in the next five to 10 years,” Mox said. “Everyone wants a piece of this pie because it’s a huge market. I think you will see it everywhere.

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