Keysight Technologies, whose offerings include hardware and software for testing and measuring networks and equipment, announced in a Press release it has expanded its B2B e-commerce website in the Americas to 26 countries in the European Union and the United Kingdom, making shopping easier for customers.

“Keysight’s goal is to create an integrated, multi-channel transactional ecosystem that provides customers with an effortless shopping experience through the coexistence of e-commerce and retail.” Kari Fauber, senior director of global partners and e-commerce at Keysight Technologies, said in the statement.

The press release said, “The test and measurement market is rapidly evolving towards digital online shopping for quick and easy purchasing of hardware and software solutions. “

Research cited in the release indicates that over 75% of buyers and sellers said they would rather use self-service digital portals than interact with human sellers.

Keysight is based in Santa Rosa, California. For the quarter ended April 30, the publicly traded company reported operating income of $ 235 million and net profit of $ 186 million, on revenue of $ 1.2 billion, according to The data of Security and Trade Commission (SECOND).

In January, B2B experts told PYMNTS that B2B companies initially ventured into e-commerce hoping to save money, but are increasingly seeing digital B2B offerings as a way to increase revenue.

PYMNTS reported in April that, like their B2C counterparts, B2B buyers are embracing the ability to make executive purchases with the quick click of an online button.

PYMNTS began, in part: “Research has estimated that B2B e-commerce marketplaces could facilitate sales worth $ 3.6 trillion by 2024, and the pandemic is accelerating these trends. This change could prove lucrative for vendors well positioned to respond to digital shopping requests, especially since an August survey of 85 commercial buyers found 57% made more purchases on sites. of electronic commerce during the health crisis.



About the study: The AI ​​In Focus: The Bank Technology Roadmap is a research and interview report examining how banks are using artificial intelligence and other advanced IT systems to improve credit risk management and other aspects of their operations. The Playbook is based on a survey of 100 banking executives and is part of a larger series assessing the potential of AI in finance, healthcare and others.


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