French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen did not give details of her agenda for the European Union among other policies during her campaign. Her opponents have accused her of hiding her agenda behind referendums in an attempt to hide her true intentions. For Macron’s EU minister, Ms Le Pen’s vision and her recent statements suggest that France would leave the EU under her leadership. Clément Beaune launched on the French channel Public Sénat: “If she says: my allies (of the EU), they do not exist. It will be Victor Orban. I will decide myself. This is where I say there is a hidden Frexit.

“Because deciding alone without renegotiating and freeing oneself from the common rules, it’s like when you live in a condominium, in a municipality, in a democracy, and you leave the community without saying so.”

“That’s it. I have no problem with her wanting Frexit, but she should say so.

Marine Le Pen has slightly modified her European program this year compared to her two previous presidential candidacies.

In 2017, she promoted the exit from the euro zone, the Schengen common travel area and the holding of a referendum on EU membership – Frexit. Now she wants to restore border controls and a “European Alliance of Nations” that respects the freedom and sovereignty of nations. In this new framework, the laws of the Member States would take precedence over the laws of the EU. To achieve this, she said she would have to renegotiate the European treaties.

Mr Beaune added: ‘Either she plays by the rules or she renegotiates, but this is a very important inflection.’

“It just means that it wants to be part of European democracy, that finally its MEPs will work in the European Parliament and vote on bills.”

MEPs from the Marine Le Pen party are under investigation for hiring “fictitious” parliamentary assistants who advanced the party’s interests instead of carrying out the tasks of assisting MEPs.

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Beaune added: “She says: I will reduce the French contribution by five billion euros, period.”

“It’s always nicer to pay more and get more. It’s good, but there is real life. When you are in a community, you have to discuss with others.

“Simply, I say, it must show with transparency, honesty, consistency what this project (of the EU) is. How it works.”