Network Perception and Check Point Software Technologies have built-in security technologies, helping to ensure that OT firewall environments are properly configured and continuously audited for the protection of critical assets.

Check Point provides the security infrastructure while Network Perception’s NP-View platform protects critical assets by providing compliance verification, cybersecurity visibility and operational speed, enabling continuous verification and visualization of security posture.

Network Perception NP-View uses the Restful Check Point Security Management API to import network device configurations, offline or streaming, to instantly visualize network architecture, identifying all network connectivity points and exposure protected assets. The combined solution verifies access to ports and services across different trust zones to protect critical assets.

“Checking for firewall misconfigurations and conflicting rules sounds easy, but manual audits on dozens or hundreds of firewalls can take days or weeks – and one mistake or omission can expose your network vulnerabilities and security risks,” said Robin Berthier, CEO of Network Perception.

“Integration with Check Point ensures that a security infrastructure is configured in the best possible way, protecting networks against the latest threats,” continued Berthier.

“Network Perception’s platform takes essential auditing technology and makes it seamless for proactive OT network security that builds cyber resilience,” said Jason Min, business development manager at Check Point Software Technologies.

“By integrating our technologies, our joint solution enables a fully consolidated cybersecurity architecture that protects business and OT infrastructures against sophisticated cyberattacks across networks, endpoints, cloud and mobile,” added Min.

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