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New Firsd Tea report confirms fears about climate change.

A new report from Firsd Tea, the largest importer of Chinese tea to the United States, reveals that 80% of tea and related industry professionals are concerned about the effects of climate change on business operations. Firsd Tea Sustainability Perspectives 2022 is the first study to assess views on tea sustainability among associated industry professionals.

“We hope this revelation of widespread concern will serve as a rallying cry within the tea industry to unite in a deeper dialogue about protecting the environment and tea businesses,” says Jason Walker, marketing director of First Tea. Among the effects of climate change identified by respondents, changing rainfall patterns, unpredictable weather and extreme heat are the main risk factors (95%, 94% and 91% respectively).

Sean Cash, PhD, Bergstrom Foundation Professor of Global Nutrition at Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, says, “The results of this compelling survey indicate that tea industry representatives are acutely aware that their sector is threatened by the climate. change, and to a greater extent than many other cultures. This clearly confirms the urgent need for collaborations that will help protect and sustain the future of tea for years to come. Dr. Cash is Co-Principal Investigator of the Tea & Climate Change Collaborative, an interdisciplinary, interagency project team studying the effects of climate change on tea quality and socioeconomic responses.

“We invite our customers, partners and stakeholders to join us in better understanding how we can address these issues to promote a more sustainable future for the tea industry and the world,” says Firsd Tea’s Executive Director, Shengyuan Chen.

The study draws its findings from a two-month survey beginning from December 2021 to February 2022 conducted in collaboration with Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, a 120-year-old publication covering the global tea and coffee industries from origin to supply chain. Crothers Consulting, based in Princeton, administered the survey to 95 voluntary respondents operating in the tea and related sectors (eg coffee, wine and cocoa).

For the full Firsd Tea Sustainability Perspectives 2022 report, click here.

About the first tea:

Firsd Tea is the US subsidiary of parent company, Zhejiang Tea Group, Ltd. (ZJT), China’s largest tea exporter and world leader in green tea exports. Founded in 1950, ZJT has been the largest tea producer and exporter in China for 25 consecutive years. The company has remained one of the leading manufacturers and technologically advanced innovators in the Chinese tea industry. ZJT enjoys strategic collaboration with the Department of Science of Zhejiang University as well as the Hangzhou Tea Research Institute of China Supply and Marketing Cooperative Federation. Zhejiang Tea Group’s product portfolio includes conventional teas and EU-compliant organic teas (China’s leading organic tea producer since 1989), decaffeinated teas (one of only two companies in China with a CO2 decaffeinated facility) and solvent-free chemical tea extractions, including instant teas, tea polyphenols and EGCG.


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