Google is adding a brand new feature to its Meet app that lets users stream meetings live to YouTube. This means that users can finally share their meetings live on YouTube instead of having to record meetings and then re-download them or record them separately.

New live streaming feature lets users share Google Meet stream on YouTube

According to the Gadgets Now story, an admin will be able to access the app’s Activities panel in order to enable it. Users will then be able to select the “Live Stream” option to share their live stream.

According to Android Central, users will be able to select their channel in order to start streaming the meeting they have. The company also explained that using live streaming is very useful, especially if someone wants to share their presentation with a larger audience.

Users will have to go through an approval process to livestream

Information can be shared with a wider audience, even outside the organization, using the live streaming feature, which allows users to pause and replay whenever needed. Users can also view the presentation later after the live broadcast.

Users will need to go through a channel approval process in order to live stream on YouTube. The company reportedly warned users to let them know that the channel must be approved to enable live streaming before they can live stream via Google Meet.

Added privacy option for users who want to livestream

The company’s help page also explains that when host management is enabled, the host, as well as the co-host, can help start the meeting. Google will also help by providing a privacy option if someone wants to start a live meeting.

According to the report, a new feature such as the ability to live stream a meeting sounds like another way the company is looking to diversify and even separate Meet from some other platforms.

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Feature rollout schedule

The new feature is also expected to be rolled out in stages. The first-ever “rapid release” with the feature is expected to roll out to select domains within three days from July 21 to July 24.

The second rapid release is expected to be rolled out gradually and could take up to 15 days and will begin on July 25. Google’s blog notes that it could take up to 24 hours to get approval for their live stream.

Google also has a dedicated support page to guide users through the steps they need to take to start live streaming to YouTube. A YouTube video has also been uploaded to help users understand step by step how to live stream on the platform.

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