OLYMPIA – Victims of domestic violence or abuse can receive real-time alerts of their abuser’s proximity, under a bill signed by Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday. The bill was first introduced three years ago.

According to the bill, victims with a protection order would have access to technology that informs them when their attacker is in or near a place from which they are required by law to stay away.

The final version of the bill is also known as the Tiffany Hill Act, named after a Vancouver mother who was shot and killed in November by her ex-husband as she went to pick up her children from the school.

“Tiffany Hill did all she could to avoid contact with the person who would end up killing her,” Senator Lynda Wilson, R-Vancouver, said in a press release.

This technology can be combined with court-mandated monitoring of attackers to create a zone of protection around the victim who would roam with them, she said.

Other bills signed Thursday include:

    SB 6442 prohibits the Department of Corrections from transferring prisoners to private prisons outside the state. The bill exempts out-of-state placement centers, non-profit community detention centers, and tribal entities.

    SB 6288 creates the country’s first office to collect data and fund prevention programs dedicated to reducing gun violence. It will be within the Ministry of Commerce.

    SB 6561 creates an Undocumented Student Support Loan program to give undocumented students who do not qualify for federal loans access to low-interest loans.

    HB 2513 prohibits colleges and universities from withholding official transcripts or enrollment if a student owes money. The bill exempts debts related to tuition fees or room and board.

    HB 2811 requires the Office of the Superintendent of Public Education to work with a state nonprofit organization to integrate environment and natural resource-based learning into English, science and math programs.

    HB 2660 will ensure that all students in eighth grade or younger receive free lunch in schools where at least 62.5% of students are entitled to free school meals.

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