Tide Plus, a fabric care brand in India from P&G, introduced the new Tide Plus with added power. The new version of the popular detergent brand from India has undergone a formulation upgrade, leading to superior cleaning and extra whiteness.

Lead actresses Shraddha Arya, Anita Hassanandani and Sai Tamhankar toured the country to launch New Tide Plus with Extra Power at Big Bazaar, Reliance Smart and Star Bazaar stores, and spoke about Tide’s latest campaign # TideGivesExtra.

Tide has always been synonymous with surprisingly whiteness, while adding a bit of humor to otherwise mundane laundry chores. The same spirit comes to life in the new communication, based on a very real and relevant vision – everyone wants something more, and something better! Especially in their important role as wives and mothers, women in India constantly strive to give the best to their families and children. They are always looking for that added benefit, something better that helps them improve their family’s life.

This is true in life and for laundry too. She strives to give her laundry a superior cleaning, especially on important clothes like her children’s uniforms – she wants to make sure they are not only clean, but super clean! Tide, with his extra power, can now be his accomplice and give him the “extra power” to achieve superior cleanliness.

Tide Plus is one of India’s favorite detergent brands and has been on a journey of constant innovation. In the past two years, this is the second product upgrade, and the new Tide Plus avatar now comes with EXTRA POWER – extra whiteness, extra cleansing, extra scent and branding perk. extra for the mother. Tide Plus Extra Power has the built-in bar power and superior product formulation that ensures brilliant whiteness. In addition, you also have a choice of three pleasant scents – Jasmine & Rose, Lemon & Mint or Talc Freshness.

Shraddha Arya, known for her hugely popular show Kundali Bhagya, unveiled the product to Ludhiana. She said: “I can never compromise on cleanliness, especially with clothes. For me, it’s a confidence booster. I love white and pastel tones, but they get dirty so easily. J searched for something more that can help I finally found my ‘Extra’ in the new Tide Plus with Extra Power, which removes even stubborn dirt from clothes. With that, the power is now in our hands and us can be assured of superior whiteness and cleaning. “

Anita Hassanandani Reddy also joined the national campaign and unveiled the product in Kolkatta.

“My husband and I both love our whites. A vibrant white outfit is a sure hit! But maintaining the whites is a very difficult task. I hate when my favorite white outfit gets dirty and dull. We do our best to maintain our whites but it’s not easy, especially given our hectic lifestyle, a few washes and it’s all downhill from there. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth stressing so much about the laundry. anyway? But stress no more! I found my laundry stress reliever in New Extra Power Tide and am amazed at the results. Better than ever, Tide Plus promises and delivers superior cleanliness, enhanced scent and a surprisingly brilliant whiteness. Obviously, TideGivesExtra, ”she added.

Leading Marathi actress Sai Tamhankar was roped up for the Pune launch. In the spirit of the campaign, she spoke about how she loves that little EXTRA in her life. She is constantly looking for products that can improve performance and make it easy and convenient.

“My dad was in the Merchant Navy, and to maintain his uniform, Tide was the only detergent we trusted around the house. It has been my family’s favorite ever since. I grew up with its scent and the bright orange pack could always be found at home. I’m proud of this brand, especially now that they’ve introduced this new upgrade which comes with Extra Power! I recently tried the best Tide Plus, and it works brilliantly on stubborn dirt and gives superior cleaning, improved scent, and the best whiteness. So it’s no wonder that to this day Tide continues to be a favorite, as #TideGivesExtra, ”she added.

Speaking about the campaign, Sonali Dhawan, Marketing Director, P&G India and Fabric Care, said: “For a mother, a key expression of her love and care is to make sure she gives her children the best. possible, so that they do their best in life. She always strives to do a little more, where possible, for her family and children. It’s the same spirit she even brings to her laundry, where she strives to get the best cleaning possible – especially important clothes like school uniforms. Tide brings this to life in a pleasant countryside, where a mother compares her son’s white uniform with other white landmarks in a series of fun interactions with her child. In true Tide style, the new TVC is a fun, quirky take on your child’s whiteness. Is it whiter than milk? Or the tube lamp? The message is simple, but catchy: if Extra Power Tide, then Extra Power White. We are confident this will resonate with our consumers. “

So worry no longer, rest assured of your kid’s cleanest uniform and while they strive to score their perfect A + you are marking yours because #TideGivesExtra. The campaign is a comprehensive 360-degree campaign, including TV, print and in-store visibility.

The new product and campaign were launched on February 1 and are priced at Rs. 47 for 500g and Rs. 94 for 1kg.

During this time, go to your nearest store and purchase your pack. After all, if Extra Power Tide, then Extra Power White.

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