Nimble, a global leader in providing simple and smart services CRM for small businesses The team announced a new CRM integration with Microsoft Teams. This integration is designed to improve the virtual business engagement of Nimble customers.

Nimble announces integration with Microsoft Teams

Light We recognize that customer data is at the heart of every business. Accurate data is necessary for successful customer relationship management.

One of the benefits of integrating Nimble and MS Teams is that it provides teams with a shared, detailed view of all of their customers within Microsoft Teams meetings.

CRM allows businesses to access important information about each participant in a meeting, such as history, business information, and communication history. Users can also create new CRM contact records for meeting attendees.

Perform remote tasks

As the number of remote workers grows, Microsoft Teams has become an indispensable tool for many small businesses, enabling them to perform many important tasks remotely. Nimble enables organizations to maximize their productivity when working remotely by making the Nimble meeting experience for Microsoft Team available to their users.

Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, discusses how the new CRM integration with Microsoft Teams can help improve collaboration and build better relationships with customers.

“Our customers rely on Microsoft Teams to work effectively across the organization and build and foster relationships with customers. Easily access existing Nimble contact records and directly from the MS Teams interface. You should be able to create new records.

“Winning big business is fundamental, and we’re excited to make it easier for our clients to add notes and send timely, traceable follow-ups. “

Take notes and sync

Taking notes has long been seen as an important way for people to better remember what happened in a meeting. It also means that you can share the meeting minutes with those who were unable to attend.

CRM and Microsoft Teams integration allows users to take notes during Teams meetings and sync them directly to Nimble. As a result, the integrity is guaranteed as well as the accuracy of the contact’s record history.

Follow-up and follow-up

Another feature of the new CRM is that businesses can send template emails that can be tracked before, during and after a meeting. They are thus better prepared to maintain their objectives with their customers and prospects. This is what every business needs to maintain relationships with existing customers and drive business growth.

By automatically enhancing your contact records with personal and social information, Nimble users can get the information they need to be smart with people involved in their business. At the same time, it saves time for research and data entry, making these important business tasks more efficient and profitable.

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