Mr Cash has been repeatedly rejected by the Trumps rental agent, according to court records and notes on file with Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Cincinnati, which sent white testers posing as a young couple while Mr Cash was waiting in the car.

After agent Irving Wolper offered the testers an apartment, they brought in Mr. Cash. Mr Wolper became enraged, pushing them out of the office and calling out the young tester, Maggie Durham, a “lover of niggers,” according to court records.

“To this day, I haven’t forgotten the fury in her voice and in her face,” Ms. Durham recalled recently, adding that she also recalled he called her a “traitor to the run. “.

The Cashes were finally offered an apartment.

During a campaign stop in Ohio recently, Mr. Trump shared warm memories of his time in Cincinnati, calling it one of the first successes of his career. And in “The Art of the Deal”, he praised Mr. Wolper, without using his last name, calling him a “fabulous man” and an “incredible manager”.

“Irving was a classic,” Mr. Trump wrote.

Young Mr. Trump also spent time in Norfolk, helping to manage the apartment complexes his father built there in the 1940s. Similar complaints of discrimination surfaced at these properties from the mid-1960s onwards. and were documented by Ellis James, a housing equality activist.

“The managers on site were generally not very sophisticated,” recalls James, now 78. “Some were staunch segregationists, but most of them were more concerned with following the policies they were required to follow.”

Donald Trump said he first heard of the lawsuit, which was filed in the fall of 1973, on his car stereo.

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