CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) – Love is in the air with people trying to get the edge when it comes to buying a home.

“We were kind of moving and rolling last year with these love letters and our clients were really benefiting from them,” said Jenn Davis, real estate agent for Charlotte Living Realty.

But we’re not talking about a date.

The real estate craze in North Carolina has driven buyers to write love letters for years.

“It was a great way for people to stand out,” said Davis. “Especially if they lacked a down payment, contingency, something like that which might be considered less desirable.

It was a fairly common practice until recently. Oregon has banned love letters saying these personal notes can lead to a violation of housing law. Sharing seemingly harmless things, like the fact that you have a four-month-old son, might touch a seller’s heart, but it could also give you an unfair advantage.

“If the seller didn’t know this about the buyer and the buyer wouldn’t have shared it, then the other person’s offer could have been accepted,” Vision Group real estate agent said. Realty, Silvana Lewis.

Now some listing descriptions say “no love letters please”.

“We have come across advertisements that specifically state not to submit offers with love letters,” Lewis said. “They will not be read and they will not be shared with sellers.”

Right now, Oregon is the only state to ban them outright, but North Carolina realtors predict other states will follow suit.

“I think it’s next. I think it happens pretty quickly, ”Davis added.


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