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Re “Abortion is more than moneyBy Lori Szala (Op-Ed, May 9): As an advocate for women’s health and rights, I am happy that Ms Szala was able to make the best decision for her in the face of an unplanned pregnancy. I wonder, however, why she wouldn’t grant other women the same ability to determine if and when to have children.

The point is that a woman’s consideration of abortion most often includes economic aspects. This is one of the main reasons women give for having an abortion, and a survey by the National Institute for Reproductive Health shows that a majority of voters agree that access to abortion affects the financial stability of women. ‘a woman.

Most women who have an abortion are already mothers and know firsthand what it means to raise a family. Studies have shown that when women are denied access to abortion, they are more likely to fall into poverty.

Women are experts in their own lives, not politicians and not anti-choice advocates. Ms Szala’s happy ending doesn’t allow her to determine what another woman’s future should look like.


The writer is president of the National Institute for Reproductive Health.

For the publisher:

While it’s wonderful that Lori Szala found support as a young single mom who dropped out of school and rose through the ranks in an investment firm, her experience is far from reality for other women. Racism and sexism still play an important role in many of our lives, excluding opportunities, especially as a young parent.

At 26, I was working but barely making enough to cover my rent, car payments, and student loans. Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, I had an abortion. I didn’t make this decision because I was looking for an “easy way”; it was because I didn’t have access to paid time off, affordable child care, or family support.

Today, I am married, settled in my career and I am expecting my first child. My husband and I have worked to make sure we have the financial resources to support our growing family, and we know this wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t made the decision to terminate my previous pregnancy.


The author sits on the board of directors of NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.

For the publisher:

It took courage for Lori Szala to write about her decision not to have an abortion. She’s right to say that parenthood has its challenges, but to say that “no one claims that these challenges give parents the right to kill their children” is sadly wrong. Indeed, there are several organizations founded to promote abortion on demand for whatever reason.


The writer is president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

For the publisher:

Lori Szala gives the easy and deceptive impression that if only all women with unwanted pregnancies had enough counseling and a host of services – none of which are likely to happen in the foreseeable future – a large majority of women would choose to give birth. . It is simply a fantasy.

Ms. Szala is right about “the real and complex needs of women who request abortion”. These women are people who deserve the right to make their own reproductive choices and to control their own bodies.


The writer is the author of “Perilous Times: An Inside Look at Abortion Before – and After – Roe v. Wade ”.

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