Nations in the Carpathian Basin must cooperate perhaps more closely than ever to counter global private powers in the coming period, Hungarian House Speaker László Kövér said on Friday.

Addressing the opening of the 56th National Festival of Folk Art in Zeliezovce (Zselíz), southern Slovakia, Kövér said “the main source of danger threatening nations” in Europe, including the basin of Carpathians, has changed. Due to the concentration of capital and technology in recent decades, “supranational private corporations have emerged all over the world that seek to eliminate nation states that protect public interests in the West,” he said. declared.

“Some world powers based mostly outside Europe are trying to transform the European Union, originally an alliance of equal nations, into a united state of Europe, namely a federation, or rather an empire, in which current member states including Slovakia and Hungary would lose their right to self-determination and freedom of action, Kövér said.

These powers seek to seize the material and intellectual resources of member states forever, he said.

The nations of the Carpathian Basin will therefore cry or laugh, survive or fail, win the future or lose their country, their state and their identity together, Kövér said.

Nation-states have only one effective weapon to defend themselves and fight against the financial power of globalism: the strength of their national identity deeply rooted in European Christian culture, Kövér said.

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Source: MTI