Most of my topics for this column are inspired by recent experiences with one of my clients and this one is no different. How many houses should you view before deciding to make an offer? Despite typically spending hours browsing the internet before seeing a potential new home in person, many buyers seem to want to review more homes before buying than they did a decade ago.

This prompted a more unusual statement from many of today’s buyers. “I love this house; I could live in this house, but do you know of any other upcoming houses on the market that you could show me? »

Even if a buyer sees an extremely attractive home, they often want to keep looking thinking that something better might come along. Sure, it happens sometimes, but not very often. Here are some of the problems inherent in this mindset.

CONFUSION SET UP – It’s a good idea to see a number of houses, but you can do too much. A danger of seeing too many homes is the possibility of the buyer becoming confused. I’ve seen this happen many times over the years. A buyer starts looking at homes with specific ideas about the features they want in their next home. After seeing too many houses, they no longer know what they want. They just tried to absorb too much information.

YOU LOSE THE RIGHT HOME FOR YOU – It’s not uncommon to miss the right house, making sure you’ve seen everything. When you’ve finally finished your search and come back to the house you really want, it may have been sold to someone else in the meantime. This is not an uncommon occurrence, especially in the “seller’s market” that we have experienced for the past two years. The irony here is that sometimes the buyer will be angry with their real estate agent for not persuading them to buy the right house when they first saw it.

YOUR TIME COULD BE EXPENSIVE – When buying or selling a home, timing is everything. If the market is strong enough when you’re looking, you can’t hesitate when the right one comes along. Similarly, you may spend too much time researching and miss the best time to put your existing home on the market.

TIPS: Believe in yourself enough to trust your own instincts. If the house suits you, buy it. Also, do not hesitate to rely on the advice of your real estate agent. He or she knows the market. Also take stock of something my real estate agent told me when I bought my first home many years ago; “The house you saw today and want to think about until tomorrow is the same house someone else saw yesterday and want to think about until today!”