The summer sun gets the locals moving! The summer season offers ideal weather for the big move and to settle in your new domain. Courtesy of the Lawrence County Recorder of Deeds, here are the property transfers for July 2022.


  • Duncan Avenue; DeSanzo Properties, LLC to Robert Knight for $159,900.00
  • Hazen Avenue; Kayla Kozminski to Jacqueline Nativio Fisher for $115,000.00


  • 1127 Center Avenue; Ellwood City Borough to Phylis Thompson for $1,200.00
  • 509 Jefferson Ave; Ann Marie and David Hunter to Ronald Bruce for $175,000.00
  • 426 Bluff Ave; Victoria & Jeremy Honsaker at Lecrisha & Gabriel Hall for $136,000.00
  • 301 Line Avenue; Wendy Hoffman to William and Donia Fox for $25,000.00
  • 322 Franklin Ave; Angelo & Ralph DeCaria and Vinnie Minteer to form Properties, LLC for $180,000.00
  • 323 Wayne Ave; Angelo & Ralph DeCaria and Vinnie Minteer of Make Properties, LLC for $94,900.00
  • 724 Crescent Ave; Debra Young and Debra Smith to JLO Investments, LLC for $45,000.00
  • 329 Pittsburgh Circle; Mark Verone to In Town Family Homes, LLC for $45,000.00
  • 900 Etna Drive; Ronald Nye East. to Keith Hoffmeier for $71,500.00
  • 412 Division Ave; David and Elisabeth Jones at Austin Alberts for $70,000.00
  • 417 Hazel Avenue; Miranda and Joseph DeSanzo to Victoria and Jeremy Honsaker for $275,000.00
  • 764 Pershing Street; Gemma Bellissimo and Sean McCaslin to Gemma Bellissimo for $17,000.00
  • 119 Franklin Ave; Miles & Sarah Spielvogel to Nicol Brogren for $113,500.00
  • 701 1st Avenue; John and Nora Marie DiBuono to Erin and Jeremy Calloway for $200,000.00


  • 4069 State Route 18, Wampum; Grace McGeorge East. to Michael Malley and Natalie DeCarbo for $193,500.00
  • 545 Mount Jackson Rad; Debra French to Tressa French for $183,000.00


  • 4639 State Route 488, Portersville; Nicholas and Katie Krizmnich to Brandon and Paige Csuhta for $290,000.00
  • 1055 Barkley Road, Harmony; Harry and Olga Ketterer to Todd Ketterer for $150,000.00


  • 37500 Ellwood Road, New Castle; Lawrence County Tax Claim Bureau to Talvest Holding, LLC for $22,730.75
  • 2650 Snake Run Road; Evelyn Kosin Est to James Norge, Jr., for $160,000.00
  • 3808 Spring Street; James and Maureen Lewis to Tyler James Luke for $101,000.00
  • 3330 Nearwood Drive, New Castle; Dennis and Tami Anderson to Olga Ornelas for $335,000.00


  • 170 Jedhart Way, Town of Ellwood; Cynthia Kerr to Richard and Tiffany Minteer for $40,000.00


  • N. Main St.; Ronald Scala to Paul DiCianno for $130,000.00


  • 1135 Mt. Hope Rd, Ellwood City; Janet & Robert Wiley, Gayle & Mike Fabritius to Tyler Frew for $150,000.00
  • El-Wurt Road; Jared Foreman to Jared Foreman for $500.00
  • 213 Württemberg Road; Jared Foreman to Talvest Holding, LLC for $10,716.25
  • 4712 Elwood Road; Joan Casuccio and Susan Lutz to Jason and Nicole Schwartz for $8,825.25
  • 460 Württemberg Road; Thoams and Mary Downing to Robert Abraham for $17,533.55
  • 1281 John’s Lane; Charles & Marilyn Johns to Levi Marburger and Andrea & Daniel Martsolf for $30,000.00
  • 4614 Ellwood Road, New Castle; Joseph and Corinne Reed to Shayla and Chad Reed for $160,000.00

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