Red Dead Online has changed a lot in its three years of existence. While that was limited to scouring the map to hunt animals and have shootouts, players can now run their own small businesses, work for the law, and participate in online events. However, there are still areas that could be improved by Rockstar to make the gameplay more immersive.

As Rockstar Games fans know, many of the RGT titles over the years, including GTA Online, allowed players to purchase real estate in-game. This feature was also available in the original Red Dead Redemption story. Despite the content that has already been added to Red Dead Online In recent years, nothing would add a touch of customization more than gamers being able to purchase their own room, house, or cabin, with enough space to park a wagon.


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Red Dead Online Real Estate

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RGT online has over 80 properties available for players to purchase, bringing a sense of identity to its gameplay – especially since one of the properties has the option of customization. Rather than existing in the open world environment, players must load into any abode of their choice, which means no one else can access it and multiple people can own that property on the same server. If Rockstar decides to extend this feature to Red Dead Online, she would be spoiled for choice when looking for potential buildings to put on the market.

With most RDR2 cities containing a saloon or hotel, it would make sense for Rockstar to put rooms for sale or rent like it did in the original Red Dead Redemption. Even if it was only for the night, giving a cowboy or wandering cowgirl a place to regenerate would be very helpful. Also, in the musky atmosphere of a saloon, it would give the gameplay a real spaghetti western feel. Personal campsites used in Red Dead Online are functional but get a bit boring even after changing the theme several times.

Besides lounges and hotels, there are over fifty isolated buildings across RDR2on the map, from the tiny desert cabins of New Austin to the snowy cabins of Grizzlies West. Many of these more remote buildings are surrounded by open land or wild forests, with plenty of room to park a wagon or keep a paddock full of horses. Similar to how properties in RGT come with garages in which players can store their personal vehicles, players should be able to have an interactive place to store all of their horses, rather than having to select one from a list of stables.

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Red Dead Online Vehicles

As for the wagons, the only ones currently available are the Hunting Wagon and the Bounty Wagon, accessible once players reach tenth rank in the Trader and Bounty Hunter roles, respectively. While this is an exciting addition with the role update, it’s a shame that there aren’t other vehicle options for players who didn’t want to buy roles. Introducing a range of vehicles from two-wheeled traps to extravagant stagecoaches would certainly spice up the game, especially if Rockstar allowed for the customization of these vehicles by driving them to a stable – like the cowboy version of Los Santos Customs. .

While the idea of ​​driving a custom wagon on a personal ranch is very appealing, Rockstar has not confirmed if this will ever be an option for Red Dead Online. Currently the only way to own a property is to purchase the Moonshiner role or download real estate modules from Red Dead Online for PC. However, in memory of the various potential mansions of John Marston at Red Dead 1, a glimmer of hope remains. Maybe the Manzanita Post shack will return to the virtual real estate market.

Red Dead Online is available on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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