“If you’re waiting or hesitating at all, it won’t be there,” the broker says

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) — In this changing economy, where prices are constantly rising, finding or maintaining affordable commercial real estate has become an added challenge, forcing some small businesses to close or find creative ways to adapt.

“A lot of people are moving into the area and the inventory we’re struggling with is making it difficult to find a buyer for the property they’re looking for,” Jeff Larkin, owner of Jeff Larkin Realty, said Monday. “When we find this property, we come across several offers.”

A Redmond business owner decided to offer his services as a mobile business, which allows him to stay local.

“Right now I really want to stay in the trailer,” Colby Betschart said. “I just see right now, with such extreme rental prices and rental prices – I feel like it’s going to be the best bet for the market right now.”

Betschart opened a chemically dependent hair salon and supply center just a month ago.

“I’ve just heard way too many people renting and renting for a higher price and then the building being sold under them and then having to move. And so I decided to put the money in a trailer, where they can’t do that,” Betschart said.

Betschart said he thought his decision was more profitable when it came to rental prices.

Larkin said with so much flow, it’s important for businesses to adapt.

“Be ready to jump and be ready to go when a property comes along — because if you wait or hesitate at all, it won’t be there,” Larkin said.