The Conservative Party is currently in the eye of a storm because of the recent scandals that have rocked the party deeply. Prime Minister Boris Johnson narrowly avoided being ousted, instead focusing his efforts on the outbreak of the Omicron strain of the coronavirus. Yet reports that Mr Sunak is in the running to replace the prime minister came with the idea that the current Chancellors of the Exchequer could take a more bilateral approach with the EU, triggering a wave of backlash from Express. .co.uk readers.

Declaring the move would spell the end of the Conservative Party, Willywonka said: “The Tories will be toast if they give in to the EU.”

Suggesting that the Chancellor is not the right person to lead the UK, Oldreo said: “I don’t trust Rishi. Another Hammond who takes No Deal off the table and expects the EU to be reasonable as he slowly concedes on every point. “

Confidence seemed to be a major issue, as Scotsdodo said: “More confidence in Boris than in Sunak.”

Barbus10 warned against anyone taking a soft approach to the bloc, saying: “The vote had to go, and that requires a tough approach with the EU as they have continually threatened our country.”

He added: “Give an inch and they will take a mile.”

Adding to distaste for the soft approach, Westerly said: “40 years of being gentle with the EU has got us nowhere. These are people who should not be trusted.

Others took the chancellors’ actions while he was head of the treasury.

Referring to the cuts retirees have faced, Polnud said: “Sunak is too slippery and his raid on the state pension can never be forgiven.”

As with Retiredoldgit who said, “The pension crook never voted for him.
Another pointed out the huge gap in wealth and social standards between Mr. Sunak and ordinary people.

“Grange001” said, “We don’t want this snake to rule the country. A billionaire, he knows nothing about real life misfortunes for the ordinary person on the ordinary street.

He added, “Or he wouldn’t have broken the triple pension lockdown or increased NI payments.”

He also said: ‘How is a retiree going to do next year with a £ 5 per week raise with RPI inflation at 7.1%? “

Brexit betrayal: Sunak decided to bend the knife in Boris and fall back on the EU

Others have turned to the notion of Brexit, and what it represents, preferring not to see the UK soften its approach to Brussels.

MackemDragon said: “It is simply unacceptable to water down Brexit. The Conservative Party has a huge mandate to complete a full Brexit. It is not an ideology, it is the overwhelming democratic will of the British people.

He added: “If the Tories can’t elect a prime minister for Brexit, they shouldn’t be in power. “

Adding to the idea that Brexit is still not over, Partridge said: “It is not over yet. With our fishing industry, our farmers and the people of Northern Ireland (among others) betrayed, and our borders wide open, we do not yet have a full Brexit. We only have Brexit in name.

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Jonah47 said: “We voted for Brexit and not to give in to the EU. We must use every opportunity to meet the terms we voted for. “

He added: “We have already shown that Brexit has worked, let’s continue with our advantage.”

Closing the debate, “DaemonStorm” suggested his take on where the Conservative Party should go.

He said: “We don’t want Sunak to rule Britain – he’s too weak. We need someone with a backbone who is not going to tax us up to the hilt. If the Conservatives do not want to be elected, continue as you are doing … “

For now, the government is focusing heavily on the health of Britons as the UK plunges into the worrying effects of another strain of the Covid-19 virus.

Currently, Plan B is underway, with rumors of further actions in the near future.

For the Conservative Party, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor, the next few weeks will be spent with caution and respecting when, where and how they celebrate Christmas, following Chris Whitty’s advice to “choose your Christmas events wisely”.