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Vishal Tulsian wears many hats, but everything is in the service of a common agenda. As Senior Vice President of Science Applications International Corp. for state / local, health care and federal financial clients, it has one goal in mind across all of these varied entities.

“They are all there to serve the citizens,” he said. “I’m responsible for managing accounts, customer satisfaction, sales and quality standards, making sure they have the technology they need to complete this mission. “

A recent acquisition has strengthened SAIC’s ability to achieve this goal, while the focus on multi-source integration gives clients the flexibility they need to acquire the right tools in the way that best suits their needs. needs.

Gartner defines multi-sourcing service integration, or MSI, as the provision of technology consulting, project implementation, and operational management services by multiple internal and external IT and business process providers. Concretely, this means that SAIC can offer its customers several routes to reach their destination.

“It’s really about the power of choice,” Tulsian said. “Rather than one company providing them with all the services, which is not conducive to innovation, we could give them seven specific suppliers who are competent in many areas. “

In this model, customers have a choice – in a turnkey format – and suppliers compete on price. Tulsian said this gives public sector IT stores an effective and efficient way to meet their modernization needs.

To build on this momentum, particularly on the healthcare side, SAIC recently acquired Halfaker and Associates, with its proven ability to build, modernize, integrate and secure critical systems.

“We are so proud that they are joining our team,” Tulsian said. “This reinforces our commitment to supporting the mission of health care, especially for our veterans. The expertise of this team and its immense presence among the veterans has been a tremendous expansion strategy for us.

Common core values ​​have ensured a smooth integration of Halfaker’s capabilities into Operation SAIC.

“We considered several portfolios for acquisition, and when we looked at their purpose, mission and scope, it was a perfect mirror image of what SAIC has,” Tulsian said. “It’s easy to integrate a business when there is a similar goal. “

Looking at its diverse portfolio, Tulsian said it sees common needs among the public sector agencies it serves. All are looking to embrace digital transformation as they prepare for the future.

“The pandemic has shown us that those who are at the forefront of this digital transformation are those who are able to provide service more efficiently, at a much faster rate,” he said.

Shared services, in particular, are an area of ​​common interest. The industry has increasingly learned to provide technology to support this model, and the government is becoming more sophisticated in its deployment of shared services across the enterprise.

“If you look at the power of shared services at the public sector level, it works wonders,” Tulsian said. “We can support that through MSI: it can build on all of that build, enabling a plug-and-play approach when agencies seek to leverage their shared resources. “

SAIC also helps customers at all levels to implement the cloud in support of human-centric design, to improve the citizen experience.

“Cloud-centric expansion is essential to ensure they have the flexibility they need,” Tulsian said. “This is what enables automation, which in turn supports this higher level of service to citizens. “

Internally, Tulsian strives to ensure that SAIC has the qualified personnel available to meet customers’ rapidly changing technological needs.

“Talent acquisition has become a major war for all of us,” he said. “The key to this is to support work-life balance. We offer much more flexibility to our employees. We had offered every other Friday off. Now we add a four day work week. And we invest in the medical needs of our employees: for two years in a row, we have not increased our premiums.

Tulsian is also focused on providing a special and practical vision of innovation.

“In the public sector, our challenge is the adoption of innovation, not necessarily the innovation itself,” he said. “Our role is to be the honest broker of innovation, to make sure our clients are looking for the right solution at the right time. “

Going forward, SAIC will seek to maximize its organic growth, while looking for other potential acquisitions.

“We are in the M&A market again, and we are looking at this as part of our long-term expansion strategy,” Tulsian said.

As a 23-year veteran in the public sector, Tulsian said he takes particular pleasure in serving the needs of various government agencies.

“For me, it’s always about making sure we’re providing the right service, at the right time, for our customers,” he said. “And I also love the feeling of giving back to the community. We support organizations like Feeding America and the American Heart Association. It is a responsibility that we take seriously and on which I think we should focus.

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