Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed on Saturday July 23 that Moscow was trying to “prevent a situation” where Ukraine would become Russia’s enemy, but that Western nations compromised these attempts and “refused to listen to us”. “For years we tried to prevent a situation where Ukraine would become the enemy of Russia. We made several attempts to reach agreements by signing legally binding documents on security in Europe,” he said. Mr Lavrov.

US spent $7.3 billion on military aid to Ukraine: Kremlin

Praising the West for its so-called efforts to escalate the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the Kremlin noted on Saturday that the United States had spent $7.3 billion in military aid to Ukraine since the launch of ” the special military operation” and that they “did not plan to release”. “The EU is not far behind its foreign ally. Brussels has decided to grant Kyiv another military aid worth 500 million euros, Russian MFA spokeswoman Maria Zakharova recalled. also denounced attempts by the United States, the EU and allied countries to try to isolate Russia. American diplomats “are running around various countries begging not to pose for photos with Lavrov in order to prevent Russia to use this as proof that it is not isolated,” she said.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov had criticized the US, EU and UK for escalating the war in Ukraine and alleged that the West was waging a proxy war with Russia. The West wants “a bigger confrontation” between Moscow and members of the European Union, Lavrov said in an interview with state-affiliated RT Mosow. “Our American counterparts, our British counterparts, with the active support of the Germans, the Poles and the Baltic states, really want to turn this war into a real war and trigger a confrontation between Russia and the European states,” he said. told the media.

Western governments, according to Lavrov, have “prevented Ukraine from taking constructive action”. He found that these nations obstructed the peace talks and influenced Ukraine for its own interests.[Ukraine is] not only [being] pumped with weapons. They are forced to use these weapons in increasingly risky ways,” Lavrov said. “They [Ukraine Army] are playing a very dangerous game. I don’t think they understand it themselves. But then, in Europe, a lot of people start to understand that,” he repeated.